Gluddle Review

Gluddle Review

May 30, 2013

If there is anything that we learned from the furious avian franchise, it’s that physics-based games almost never get old, and that’s why puzzlers like Gluddle will always get a happy look-see from blokes like me.

The game story is simple: the bouncy blobs known as Gluddle want to live their lives without being harassed by the prying eyes of “The Supervision” anymore, so they take matters into their own hands and dispatch with the enemy blobs themselves. Being a seemingly peaceful set of beings, it seems as if the height of Gluddle violence involves launching themselves aggressively at the enemy to dissuade them from being bothersome.

The actual gameplay basically has to do with flinging our protagonist(s) at the opposing spheres. There is a direction glu1winder of sorts, and this allows one to direct the blob. A tap then launches it in the predetermined path.

But wait. There’s more. Of course, it gets harder. Eventually, I had to go against more than one Supervision orb per round. Usually, the number of Gluddles increases as well. Also, the distance from the launch area to the targets increases, which means using advanced techniques (like freezing an orb to bounce another one off of it) becomes an essential piece to progress. Using fewer orbs gives better scores.

As hinted at, the gameplay is leveled. The orbs have infinite bounceability, which adds to the fun factor. It’s pretty cool to see the action that occurs when multiple ricochets occur. The developer describes it as “pinball meets trampoline,” and it is an apt description. The levels were blessed with plenty of variation, so everything felt new.

The animations are sharp, and are the perfect complement to the bright graphics. The detail is pretty amazing, and the sequences really nice to see. The exotic scenery inspires the desire to personally hug the brain stem of the developer.

The game comes with free levels with more unlockable via in-app purchasing.

For a trip on the wild side, Gluddle is definitely worth the time.