GT Racing 2 Review

GT Racing 2 Review

Nov 21, 2013

GT Racing 2 shamelessly apes Real Racing 3, right down to the very similar interface. But does it help make up for RR3’s disappointments, or is it just a wannabe?

GT Racing 2 has no shortage of rides. All cars in the game are real. A few of the tracks are real as well. The racing in GT Racing 2 is quite arcade like. A simple control system where the game auto accelerates and the player only needs to brake and steer the car makes it very accessible. When turning into a corner, the car will slow down a little automatically to help take the corner. Even with these assists, GT Racing 2 still takes a fair bit of skill and a steady hand to have any hope of winning races.

GT Racing 2’s racing is great fun. The AI is tough and competitive without being unfair and there are oodles of events to enter and upgrades to earn. Until Real Racing 3, there are no nasty repair timers or the like in GT Racing Screenshot_2013-11-18-20-30-132 and the only timers involved are very short delays when installing car upgrades. These are barely noticeable.

There are tons of events in GT Racing 2. Every make of car in the game has its own series of events and in total there are dozens of them. As well as standard racing, other events are available, such as Knockout, where the car in last is eliminated after each lap, and Overtake, where the object is to overtake all rival cars in a limited time limit. This adds some much needed variety.

GT Racing 2 features rather a lot of microtransactions and a few questionable design decisions. Microtransactions can be used to purchase large amounts of in game currency, and a few cars can only be bought with premium cash. The game is quite fair with race winnings however; even the early races give good money.

Screenshot_2013-11-18-14-58-39Less forgiving however is the ability to buy performance boosts before races. Just before a race boosts for just about every aspect of the car can be bought with in game currency and they last for that race only. Only the first level of each boost can be bought this way however. Subsequent boosts require premium currency. It also calls into question how well balanced the AI really is if these boosts are available for use.

GT Racing 2 has mind boggling graphics for a mobile game. Cars look great and the tracks look incredible. Each track has amazing scenery and rain is a sight to behold. The sound is decent enough. Engine sounds are excellent, but sounds for crashing lack impact and cars sound a bit too similar.

GT Racing 2 is an excellent racing game. While hampered somewhat with its freemium model, it is far less obnoxious than Real Racing 3 and GT Racing 2 is a superior game because of it.