Strikefleet Omega Review

Strikefleet Omega Review

Jul 6, 2012

Strikefleet Omega is a smooth, visually appealing strategy game that’s recently released on Google Play. Packed with great graphics and challenging intergalactic battles, this game is a top contender in its genre. In this game, Earth is in danger of total annihilation by the Hive Queen and only the lone battleship Strikefleet Omega stands in her way. The player’s mission is to lead the ship into victory against the Queen’s minions while reinforcing fire power along the way.

To attack enemies, one has to draw a line towards their direction. This needs to be done strategically as the edge of that line is the turning point of gunships. At the end of this line, the ships return to base – any remaining enemy outside of its range can carry on with its course and continue to attack.

In each level, mini-tutorials pop up on the top of the screen to guide the player and even lay out a strategy. Reinforcements come in forms of other ships such as fighter and mining ships. Fighter ships carry additional planes while mining ships mine crystals that allow one to warp in more ships.

As one passes each level, alloy is rewarded which can be used to upgrade existing ships or buy new ones. Remember that certain ships are ineffective when firing at some forms of enemies. When I first played the game, I made the mistake of buying only one kind of ship – which was a challenge as the levels grew more difficult.

Special abilities called Perks are also available to ensure a successful campaign. The first perk is free, but the succeeding ones require MegaCreds which can be acquired through an in-game purchase. Perks include added damage and speed for fighter carriers, and extra XP and health regeneration for the mother ship.

If these are not enough and the ships get destroyed, there is a last-resort option to blow up all enemies with one button. This will cost 5 MegaCreds. Note that it only destroys all enemies in sight, but will not guarantee winning the battle. Once this is used, the player must continue to fight until the game is finished.

Despite the polished graphics and cool sound effects, it’s hard to win in the higher levels without having to buy extra alloy or MegaCreds. Even if one repeats playing other levels, it doesn’t really allow for earning that much alloy. The game also makes it hard for to purchase anything with very little alloy given and no other means to get it – other than killing big alien ships (which is pretty hard).

Strikefleet Omega, nevertheless, is one of the better games within its category. People who enjoy great detailed graphics and smooth game play might not really mind shelling out a few bucks to keep playing this game. It’s not for everyone, but it has a great potential to be a cult favorite among those who are dedicated to great-looking war games. In this regard, Strikefleet Omega is good to play for free, but paying for more might just be worth it.