KickStarter Spotlight: Hale Dreamer

KickStarter Spotlight: Hale Dreamer

Oct 2, 2013

Proper alarm clocks are almost unheard of anymore in this modern age of smartphones. Why invest money into something that is rarely looked at and is fundamentally inferior to a device that already sits atop the bedside table at night. Alarm clock docs are everywhere these days and they all are relatively the same; the smartphone sits in the middle and directs it’s sound out to the speakers and time is shown on a large LED clock. But with the abundance of quality alarm clock apps that turn any smartphone into a fully functional alarm clock face and device diversification there is a need for something more or maybe less. Introducing the Hale Dreamer, a clever smartphone dock that solves a lot of the problems of regular clocks and, using a gorgeous looking companion “Dreamer” app, becomes the smartphone/alarm clock lovechild we have been dreaming of.

A project by Chicago-native Joe Born, the Hale Dreamer looks essentially like a large speaker with a giant snooze button. Fortunately, there is much more to this project, and much of that stems off the app that goes with the device. The claim is that the Hale Dreamer actually improves nightly sleep because of it’s ability to filter notifications and texts and discern which are actually important enough to go through and wake up the user. Whenever someone calls during the night they receive a text message that informs them to reply ‘E’ if this situation is an emergency, and if they do their next call will ring and awaken the user.

This feature is a part of the very attractive “Dreamer” app which is easily the biggest draw here aside from the actual dock itself. The multiple display settings all look polished, and the app does everything including lulling the user to sleep via pre-programmed sounds and providing a gradual awakening through fade-in alarms. This is all displayed on the dock that sits atop the device and has two hefty, yet flexible cables that attach to the headphone jack and charging port. This ensures device compatibility for nearly all Android phones without messy adapters or inserts.

So, weather it is the well crafted app, the SmartSilence technology, or the physical snooze button and dock the Hale Dreamer is a KickStarter project that is worth checking out. Maybe someday this little device and its powerful speaker will jolt me out of a satisfying night’s sleep.