There’s Still Time to Get in on Handy Games $0.15 Birthday Sale

There’s Still Time to Get in on Handy Games $0.15 Birthday Sale

Apr 14, 2015

Handy Games is giving everyone a reason to enjoy its upcoming 15th birthday with a mammoth “15 for 15 cents” promotion that is going now.

Simply put, the development house is putting 15 of its premium games on sale for 15 cents each for a limited time. The titles include Aces of the Luftwaffe, Ninja Hero Cats, Guns ‘n’ Glory WW2 and a bunch more.

The games are available on Google Play; get in on this while it’s hot!

[Source: Handy Games Blogpost]

Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies Review

Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies Review

Oct 16, 2013

There are a couple overused motifs in mobile games: zombies, tower defense and slightly sexualized women. While Handy Games’ quickly popular IP Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies may use all of those cliches, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a ridiculously fun game. Good games can take anything, whether it be an original concept or a burnt out idea, cook it up with a little pizzazz, and create something that will keep you entertained for hours on end, which is exactly what this game’s developer has done.


Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies may sound like its some rough and tough zombie combat title, but it’s actually more a cartoony cute experience, where you control 4 different girls on a quest to eradicate the undead after the zombie uprising. Each of the girls are unique in that each holds a weapon that acts differently; a chainsaw for melee, a rocket launcher for devastating area attacks, a ray gun for slow but brutal shots and a laser gun for the more traditional quick damage. Additionally, each of your femme undead fatals has a powerful super attack which can be activated by feeding them chili peppers.

Being that this title is free, there are a considerable amount of in-app-purchases available. However, the game does start players off with a liberal amount of peppers, candy and in game currency. The in-app purchases aren’t crucial to one enjoying the game, nor do they ever feel mandatory in order to proceed; they exist to really help you boost your ladies’ firepower and health.


The graphics really set the tone for this game as well. All of the art in this game is done in the style you’d expect in a Bratz or Barbie type game, except that this game doesn’t feel like an unintelligent waste of time. Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies is full of bright colors which help give the player feelings of joy and jubilation from killing the undead; a nice change from most zombie games out there, which feel dark, drab and depressing. Who knew the zombie plague could be so adorable?

If there are any complaints with this game, its in the touch screen controls and character movement. The game mechanics aren’t terrible, but the game does have problems distinguishing when a player wants to move one of the girls or when the player is just trying to move the camera angle. It’s more an annoyance than it is a major hindrance in the game, but something players do need to know about in advance.


Guns ‘n’ Glory Zombies may have a deceiving name, but all its hiding is a stupidly charming and entertaining game. It doesn’t hold you up for your money, it doesn’t come off as yet another depressing zombie shooter, nor does it come off as a dull tower defense. This title is loads of fun. Plus, tell me where you’re going to find a pug that attacks zombies and a Paris Hilton look alike holding a bazooka?

Happy Vikings Review

Happy Vikings Review

Jun 13, 2011

If history tells us anything about the Vikings, it’s that the Scandinavian terrors were far from happy with their lot. Bored with ice, snow and inventing death metal, they set about plundering, pillaging, persecuting – and doubtless countless other unpleasant activities starting with P – their European neighbours. Of course, games hold historical accuracy in the same contempt that the Vikings held non-Viking human life, so Happy Vikings can be forgiven for seeming a little revisionist.

The game, as the title suggests, paints the Vikings as happy-go-lucky scamps, with huge ginger beards and big smiling faces. Sure, they’re out robbing, but look how cute they are, you can’t blame them for being a little boisterous. That boisterousness takes the form of a loot stacking puzzle game, which makes perfect sense if you don’t try and think about it.

You play a lone Viking, running around the bottom of a long boat as your comrades in beards catapult the spoils of war in your general direction. It’s your job to stack the herring, jewels, lumps of meat, treasure chests and barrels of mead into matching piles of three or more. This turns them into coins, which steadily fill up the boat.

Happy Vikings plays like a mix between Tetris and a classic 2D platformer. You jump around, collecting loot as it falls, whilst trying to figure out the best arrangement for all the tumbling goodies. The more loot you burst in a single go, the more points you receive. So, whilst you can finish each level by only chaining in threes, if you’re after the big score and the adoration of your Viking friends, then you have to think on your feet and plan ahead.

For some people, Happy Vikings’ constant cheeriness might be a bit off putting, others still may find the slightly clumsy control system too unwieldy. These are minor flaws, however, in what is a well put together and immensely enjoyable game.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Happy Vikings is the way it does something different. It may not be hugely original, but it’s far from a straight forward clone, unlike a lot of the titles that you’ll find on the Android Market. It’s fun, addictive and, best of all, won’t come to your village in the dead of night and slaughter all of your loved ones.