Hangouts Gets Update

Hangouts Gets Update

Feb 26, 2017

Google Hangouts hasn’t been sidelined just yet; it just received an update.

The main note has to do with users being able to find contacts in a faster manner; it also got some bug squashed.


• Easier to find the right contacts quickly
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

Hangouts is free on Google Play.

Google Hangouts Adds Features via Update

Google Hangouts Adds Features via Update

Aug 29, 2016

Google Hangouts doesn’t look to be at the end of its life, what with the new features that are rolling out now.

Officially, via the Play Store, version 11.0 changes are as follows:


• Take and send videos in your Hangouts conversations
• Invite anyone to join your group conversation by sharing a link
• Easily find your groups when creating a new conversation
• Remove people from a group conversation

Hangouts remains free on Google Play.

Google Hangouts Gets Easier Add Process

Google Hangouts Gets Easier Add Process

Nov 23, 2015

Per the Google for Work Blog, Hangouts is making it easier for folks to add people to a Hangout — even people who don’t have Google accounts.

Joining a meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. That should be the case whether you’re meeting in person, or face-to-face over video. This week we’re rolling out an update to Google Hangouts that makes joining a video call as simple as clicking a link in an invitation. No filling in forms, no need for a Google account, just simple, easy access to meetings. Connect with teammates and get things done, while maintaining the control and security you need in a work environment.

Say you’re a business about to talk through new product plans with your supplier, and you decide it’d be great to also get the thoughts of a key customer. No problem.

Invite your external guests with Google Calendar
They click a link in the event description and fill in their name
In order to help give you control and security over your meetings, you’ll get a prompt to accept / deny their entry whether you’re using web, mobile or Chromebox for meetings.

With Hangouts security features like locking video meetings to only people within an organization and muting and ejecting participants, there’s always the right level of security to match your organization’s needs.

The update is rolling out now on Google Play.


[via Google for Work Blog]

Hangouts Gets Enhancements via Update

Hangouts Gets Enhancements via Update

Nov 17, 2015

Hangouts, Google’s all-encompassing messaging solution for Android, is getting a bunch of new features and enhancements via its current update.

This current updates brings some visual changes, new Google Voice connectivity, greater landscape support and more.

Per the Play page:


• Create group MMS messages for Google Voice
• Landscape support for contacts list and compose screens on all devices
• New Google Hangouts welcome screen
• Performance improvements including better stability, latency and call quality

The update is available for folks to jump on now; Hangouts remains available for free on Google Play.

Google Hangouts Gets Update

Google Hangouts Gets Update

Sep 9, 2015

Google’s all-in-one messaging utility Hangouts is receiving an update.

What’s New


● Beautiful new user interface

● New contact list and people search to find the people you care about

● New compose button to create 1:1 and group conversations in just a few taps

● Show a status message so contacts always know what you’re up to

● New Hangouts app for Android Wear devices

● Receive and reply to Group MMS for Google Voice

The new Hangouts build is available now.

Google Slides Adds Hangouts Functionality

Google Slides Adds Hangouts Functionality

Aug 5, 2015

For forks heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem, Google Drive can serve to take care of a major part the productive puzzle.

Today, Google announced a new change which makes a major part of the suite, Google Slides, even more of a collaborative solution. Google Slides is akin to Microsoft PowerPoint on one’s device, allowing one to manipulate and create files on the go.

Now, Google Slides can be incorporated and presented during Hangout Group Videochats.

The functionality can be used right from one’s Android device or tablet; per the press release, all one needs to do “share” the document to a Hangout. The document can then be controlled right from the device (advancing slides, using the built-in timer, etc.).

The new functionality is available now via the build available on Google Play. Google Slides (as are the other pieces of Google Docs) remains free.


[via Google Docs Blogpost]

Google Hangouts Gets Update, Adds Sticker Packs and More

Google Hangouts Gets Update, Adds Sticker Packs and More

Jan 7, 2015

Google is spreading the update love via it’s all-in-one communication app Hangouts.

The new update brings new sticker packs, the ability to see when friends were last online, etc.

● New sticker packs!
● See the last time your contacts were online.
● When friends ask where you are, share your location with one click using smart sharing suggestions.
● Improved video call experience and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Google Hangouts is free on the Play Store.

Google+ Hangouts Updated with More Usability Features

Google+ Hangouts Updated with More Usability Features

Sep 10, 2014

Google+ Hangouts, Google’s multi-functional mobile messaging utility, has just received a decently sized update.

According to the Play Store changelog, new features in the new build include:

● Customize ringtones for each of your Hangouts
● Block SMS messages from specific phone numbers
● Restore contacts that you have previously hidden
● Layout support for right-to-left languages

Additionally, according to an earlier report from Android Central, it seems as though Google is rolling out a server-side change that allows Google Voice SMS to be routed and managed from within Hangouts. This hearkens to the expected merging of Voice into Hangouts.

It’s also pertinent to note that Google Voice has an update available.

Hangouts is available on the Play Store for free.


[Source: Google Play and Android Central]

The Hills Are Greener: Google Solving Its Software Update Problem

The Hills Are Greener: Google Solving Its Software Update Problem

May 27, 2013

Google is well-known for having issues getting software updates out to users. Look at all the devices still on Gingerbread, after all. But what Google recently did at I/O was a big step forward for them: they’re making Android version updates a much smaller issue than they ever were thanks to shifting important feature usage through app updates and common SDKs, not through Android version updates.

Contrast this strategy with what Apple does: big new features are part of mandatory software udpates. This was a problem when Game Center launched, because for users to log in and use the social gaming service, it required iOS 4.1, which released in the days when users had to connect to iTunes to install iOS updates, and it came to the iPad even later in version 4.2. As such, it had a slower buildup, not becoming a universal feature for games until about a year later.

Google Play Game Services may take a while to take off, sure, but it has the advantage of not requiring an Android system update to use. This way, anyone with a compatible device (Gingerbread and later) can take advantage of it. Developers can integrate the SDK without worrying about excluding users. And thanks to the fact that third-party services never really got a great foothold – even OpenFeint never reached critical mass the way it did on iOS – there’s little reason for it to not be adopted by anyone releasing on Google Play.

hangoutsThat they’re also pushing updates for Google Talk as Hangouts and Google Music All Access. That they’re pushing new features as app updates is important – they’re showing that they are recognizant of the Android landscape: providing features needs to be done in light of the fact that not everyone is on equal footing.

Of course, what Google really needs to be able to do from here on out is to be able to push important security updates quickly to users. That’s the biggest issue now for users on earlier versions – many are on OS versions still susceptible to malware, which often goes un-fixed due to the fact that manufacturers and the carriers are unwilling to get updates out in a timely fashion. If Google can make it so that they can get a quick patching system in place, either through partnerships with the manufacturers and carriers, or even through software, they can make the issue of software updates almost a non-issue.

Hangouts By Google Connects You With Friends Across All Devices

Hangouts By Google Connects You With Friends Across All Devices

May 15, 2013

Today, Google launched Hangouts to the Google Play store, providing you the ability to chat one-on-one or in group conversations for free. You can also have a video call with up to 10 friends as you connect with friends through computers and mobile devices.

● Say more with photos and emoji.
● See when people are together in Hangouts, when they’re typing, or whether they’ve seen your message.
● Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends.
● Message friends anytime, even if they’re not connected right now.
● Use Hangouts on computers, Android and Apple devices.


Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Started On The Go

Google+ Hangouts Can Now Be Started On The Go

Jan 12, 2012

One of Google+’s defining features has been Hangouts, allowing users to video chat with up to 9 other people simultaneously. The mobile apps finally received this functionality a few months ago, but only in the ability to join Hangouts that already were started from traditional computer-based clients. However, Google has recently added this functionality to the Messenger section of Google+, finally allowing mobile users to start video chatting with their circles. It works by starting up a Messenger group, inviting selected contacts, then selecting the camera option in the top right corner. This starts a Hangout, which other users can join by tapping the Hangout notification in the chat conversation. This works cross-platform, across computers, Android devices, and iOS. Messenger still supports the sending of photos in messages as well, and non-Google+ members can be invited to Messenger, though they will need to sign up for Google+ before hanging out. The updates for Android and iOS are available now; Gingerbread is required for use of Hangouts on Android. Motorola Xoom owners should note that it appears as if the microphone does not work for Hangouts, despite working for Google Talk video chat.

Google+ Now Supports Joining Hangouts on Mobile

Google+ has not only finally opened up to the public, but they’ve finally introduced one of the biggest features on desktop to the mobile app. It is now possible for mobile users on Android to join Hangouts, to video chat with up to 9 other users straight from their phone or tablet. This was introduced in their new update, introducing Hangouts for Android 2.3 and up. 2.3 is required for all apps to get access to the front camera on devices, as the Skype video calling on Android update taught us, so this may be why Google+ requires 2.3 for Hangout support. It does work on Honeycomb tablets, despite the app not being specially optimized for them. Similar to the desktop, the Android app allows users to check their appearance before joining a Hangout, but it otherwise works identically to desktop Hangouts. This is despite one particular exception: it is not possible to start Hangouts from mobile, only to join them. Still, this is a major Google+ feature that is now available, and on Android first.  The update is available from the Andtoid Market now.