KickStarter Spotlight: Trigger Happy Camera Remote

KickStarter Spotlight: Trigger Happy Camera Remote

Mar 9, 2012

A photographer at heart, any app that enhances the use of a camera is worth investigating in my book. This week our KickStarter Spotlight looks into an app that would potentially be a huge benefit to those who frequently stare down the lens. The app is called Trigger Happy Camera Remote, and it is a great idea that allows photographers to remotely control their dSLR cameras remotely, giving greater flexibility and relieving headaches with group photos. THCR comes with a cable that connects the phone and camera, with current support being fairly expansive including most modern Cannon and Nikons as well as a few others. This cable connects to the the standard headphone jack, making it universal and compatible with any Android or iOS phone.

The simplicity of this app is its biggest asset; the main functionality is to act as a basic remote. Touch the button and the camera takes the shot. For those who want more, and to help justify the hefty $70 price tag, THCR allows the user to adjust most of the functionality of the flash bulb, i.e. setting up time lapse photos and long exposures. Features in development include using the camera on the phone to take light readings and face detection.

For those who continued reading after seeing the price, it is steep, and Trigger Happy Camera Remote needs to deliver high end features that perform. The light readings need to be accurate enough that serious photographers will actually look to replace their light meters with their phones. Also, be sure to remember that the cost of the cable is included into the price, and I am sure that getting the hookups for specific cameras was not expressly cheap.

After all this, I encourage everyone to look into donating to this ambitious app. Those who are serious photographers and want to be on the edge of technology should keep an eye on Trigger Happy Camera Remote because this is where the future is headed.