High Noon 2 Review

High Noon 2 Review

Mar 28, 2014

High Noon 2 is a shoot-out arcade-type game that presents the wild’west in deliberate first-person perspective.

In this game, I believe the tutorial is absolutely necessary, so kudos to the developer for the practice shooting portion. I liked the practice in that it assists with learning the shooting and reloading mechanism without necessarily ruining the surprise if the gameplay. Shooting is simple; all it takes is tapping the screen, but linking up the sights is what is really crucial. Tilting the device controls the aiming piece, and it takes a little bit to get used to doing it in a quick manner.

One thing the game doesn’t do is be overly easy. There isn’t just an endless supply of bullets, and the practice hn2area underscores this. Swinging the device downwards allows for the virtual weapon to be reloaded manually via taps, which, in the midst of a gunfight, understandably has to be performed very quickly.The practice portion can be repeated infinitely.

Going on, the game engine walks players through the basics. The first gunfight was an eye-opener, and completed the picture; the opposing gunfighter was picked at random. The interesting thing is that the opponent moves around, shoots back and has a life percentage. As in all standoffs of this nature, it’s a war of attrition, and whoever has depleted the others life first wins. Winning yields experience points and a rewards, which can be used for improvements from the in-app shop. There is also a list of missions that serve as another goal for players. Multiplayer is possible too, and optional in-app purchases with real cash are available.

Fun as the game is, I beg forgiveness for being a prude; I didn’t like some of the language in the menus. Also, the visuals work, but could use just a little bit more pop with smoother animations.

Still, it’s a decent free-to-play game when consumed in short bursts.