Stay Alight Review

Stay Alight Review

Dec 31, 2013

Stay Alight is a great physics-based game. The goal of Mr. Bulb is to free the very polluted world of the green microbes who took over the undersea where he lives. The quick explanation of the game is Mr. Bulb tosses a little bit of light at the little green guys. The direction and velocity of the light is user controlled. That’s the hard part.

Stay Alight-5The first couple of levels are a tutorial. I thought some of the directions were a little harder to understand. There are just fingers displayed on the screen indicating which way to tap the screen. Other than that, the controls for the game are pretty easy to use. As the game progresses, there are different weapons available. While this makes Mr. Bulb’s job a little easier, other obstacles make it more difficult. Things like bushes will actually absorb the light limiting the ability to get a ricochet like desired.

There’s only a limited number of light bursts available to throw. The less used the better and the more points earned. Many times there are ways to hit multiple green guys with one light throw. Sometimes it’s throwing a light burst at a barrel or corner of a platform will results in a chain reaction backing out several enemies.

I understand that they need to make money, but the ads interrupting gameplay are a little inconvenient. I would almost rather have them in a bar at the top or bottom of the screen. Or even if it placed the ads in between levels, that would be less intrusive. Where the advertisements are placed, it really wrecks the flow of the game. Making a purchase is the only way to eliminate the advertisements.

I really like the graphics and even the music in the background is not too bad. The controls are pretty easy to use, they are just a simple tap and drag style. There were few instances where placing a finger on the screen inadvertently made it hard to readjust the angle and power of the light burst.

This great physics puzzler is worth checking.

NOVA 2 HD Review

NOVA 2 HD Review

Jul 19, 2011

Space, it seems, is full of creatures that want to kill us. At least, that’s what video games tell us. As soon as the human race sets foot outside the solar system, we’ll probably be evaporated by laser fire or blown up by advanced particle bombs. That’s what NOVA 2, Gameloft’s latest FPS, thinks anyway. If the Modern Combat series of games is Gameloft’s homage to Call of Duty, then NOVA is its exclamation of love for the Halo games. You’re in space, you have an AI telling you to do things, and you have a suit of space armor.

You control your space marine with an on-screen d-pad and shoot, swap weapons, reload, jump and do a swathe of other things with various buttons that litter the screen edges. The game is great to look at, much like the rest of Gameloft’s catalog; they really can’t be faulted for the way they push triple-A values onto mobile devices. And NOVA 2, in its own way, is quite a lot of fun, full of interesting set pieces, explosions and alien invaders. Unfortunately, the problems that blighted NOVA 2’s stable mate, Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, are still present here.

The shoot button sits in an uncomfortable place on screen, just where your right thumb wants to sit to control where you’re looking. This leads to plenty of accidental gun blasts, and quite a lot of annoyance. When you add to this the increased speed of the game, it becomes really rather frustrating.

NOVA 2 is fun, and it’s certainly impressive, but its problems prohibit it from reaching the dizzy heights of some of the other huge titles on the Android Market. It’s a shame, because with a tighter shooting mechanism and a few tweaks to the UI, NOVA 2 could have been brilliant. As it is, it’s very much the aliens who’ve got the upper hand in this one.