He-Man Tappers of Grayskull Review

He-Man Tappers of Grayskull Review

Aug 31, 2016

Leather underoos aside, I loved He-Man. Bulging muscles, a cool sword and a transformable pet. He-Man wasn’t just another ordinary man, he was (is?) the man.

Hey, taking on the enemies of the universe takes a man of action.

In He-Man Tappers of Grayskull, the player gets to partner with our famed champion at least one more time.

The graphics are bit more modern than the original, which should appear o newer fans. The game uses a host of gentle heman3colors to frame the gameplay, and the main game incorporates a lot of animations. The sounds are reliably haughty, and in a lot of ways, the looks and sound are the some of the best aspects of the game.

The storyline stays right about where fans of the cartoon would expect it be: mega-villain Skeletor is nothing if not a schemer, and right at the onset of this saga, he’s plotting to take over Eternia. Nothing uniquely new; Skeletor is always the epitome of dissatisfaction.

Skeletor does have a new process to effect victory, by way of misappropriated magic that enlarges his minions to otherworldly proportions. Now, He-Man has to take on enemies several times his size.

He-Man does one thing well: fighting. The player, as He-Man, takes on hoards, individually, by tapping. Enemies pop up, and one reduces the lifebars, on and on. It helps to be quick, and gold coins are the reward for doing well. Gold coins can be used to improve attributes, and down the line, bosses need to be dealt with.

Allies can be summoned, and it does take a bit of thinking to get through some boss levels. There are also achievements one can garner via gameplay.

The game works well because one need not necessarily be a He-Man feen to enjoy it. The clicker mechanism is universal and fairly intuitive, and stands on its own. The host of characters and such will be a cherry on top for fans of the franchise.

On the other hand, it is a lot of the same; some folks might prefer a bit more complexity.

In the end, it does its thing, doesn’t stray too far into details, and can be played in a pinch.

You have the power…

Animoca’s ‘He-Man Tappers of Grayskull’ Arrives on Android

Animoca deserves applause for bringing us He-Man Tappers of Grayskull to Android gamers.

Excerpts from the Google Play page:

Brace yourself for He-Man’s most enthralling adventure yet! Fight alongside He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in this glorious tapper adventure RPG!

An epic journey through Eternia awaits! Do YOU have the power?

– Witness the return of the Masters of the Universe in this grand RPG
– Form a powerful and unmatched offensive against monstrous foes
– Battle through hordes of Skeletor’s MASSIVE army
– Call on He-Man’s 20 allies to aid you in battle, with familiar faces like She-Ra, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and more!
– Collect 37 of Eternia’s most powerful and ancient artifacts
– Upgrade your characters and use multiple skills to defeat tough bosses
– Make an epic journey to 12 locations all over Eternia

The game is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play; stay tuned for our review.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe Review

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe Review

Sep 11, 2013

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe is a cheeky side-scrolling ode to the popular 80s cartoon from Android gaming masters Chillingo.

Most of the action involves continual left to right movement in the running area. Using the preferred two-thumb control system, the left mostly controls lateral movement, and the right thumb controls the basic attacks and jumping.

The first level is an informal training tutorial. The general premise is to get through the tunnels and henchmen to get to Skeletor. He-Man has his trusty weapon, and it can be wielded and used by tapping the right side of the screen. There are boxes and structures that can be violently reduced to collectible coins, and the henchmen have damage infliction attributes of their own. One cool aspect is that you start with three lives; they can be refreshed by collecting the occasionally discarded heart from vanquished bad guys. Knowledge of how the henchmen attack also he1governs strategy, as it makes sense to hold back a little when dealing with groups of multiple guards.

As the game progresses, the level of difficulty rises; moving, spiked ceilings, bigger enemies and even physical obstacles that encourage speed of action start appearing. Thankfully, allies like renown weapons master Man-At-Arms and Orko the magician begin to show up. Additionally, it is possible to upgrade weapons and other attributes using collected gems or real cash. The weapons, for instance, are actually helpful, and almost necessary to advance and unlock future levels. Some specials can be invoked from the top right of the screen; The “GreySkull” power-up was quite worth using.

The graphics are cute without being silly; He-Man and most humanoid characters look like the same muscle-bound creatures BALCO customers would be jealous of. The color is great, animations are fluid, and the cutscenes were well done. As far as I went in the game, Prince Adam didn’t make an appearance, which borders on the criminal, but I’m still looking. The jump button was a bit wonky too.

This game does remind me why I had He-Man action figures as a kid, and really, that’s all that matters. Laugh all you want; I’m off to save Eternia!