Help Me Fly Review

Help Me Fly Review

Sep 11, 2014

There is no shortage of puzzle games in all of the app stores, including the Google Play Store. But finding that must play puzzle game, might be a challenge. Don’t look any further, because we’ve found one.

Puzzle games and app stores: it’s like a combination made in heaven. And why wouldn’t it be? Most of those puzzle games are easy to understand, offer a great challenge and have some pretty user-friendly interfaces for us to enjoy. A good puzzle game has all of the above mentioned elements and I’m glad to say that the game Help Me Fly vg fits right in to the description of a good puzzle game. It even has some solid looking graphics that are easy on the eyes.


In Help me Fly, the goal is to make a little red airplane fly again. The premisse of the story is that the pilot of that plane need to lift off. But without power, it has no chance of doing so. Now it is up to the player to make the plane fly again. And how does he do that? By making sure the plane gets some juice again. Players need to hook up the stranded airplane to a nearby battery with some funny looking blocks that conduct the electricity to the flying machine.

By placing a red block next the battery, the block turns green – meaning that the electricity is running right through it. When the players connects another block to the green one, the other one turns green also. Now, when all blocks are green and connect the battery to the plane, the plane can lift off. Goal completed, right? Nope. There is also the task to light up all the stars in a puzzle. It’s a bit odd when you look at the… story… but it does offer a great layer of challenge.

And that is where Help me Fly really shines. It never is to hard to make to plane fly again, but when players want to go for the maximum score – and that is something I also want to do – they need to be on there end game to prove themself to the game. Because right from the start, the game throws mind boggling challenges at you. Combine that with the great looking and colorful graphics, a great interface and controls, and Help me Fly is one of those golden puzzle games.