Heroes of Order & Chaos Adds A New Battle Arena and Two New Characters

Heroes of Order & Chaos Adds A New Battle Arena and Two New Characters

Jun 28, 2013

Heroes of Order & Chaos has received brand new content which has been added to the online battle arena, bringing a new 5v5 steampunk-flavored map that features tram cars packed full of explosives. It’s the player’s job to stop the enemy car from exploding on their towers while making sure their own cars deal damage to the enemy base. The update also features 2 new characters (Lorilai, the Gaia Guardian, and Jombra, The Planewalker) and provides improved matchmaking, weekly tournaments, and enhancements to the user-interface.


Heroes of Order & Chaos Review

Heroes of Order & Chaos Review

Dec 19, 2012

Battle arena games are all the rage. They offer the gameplay of other style games but add a different aspect; other live people controlling the opponents. Heroes of Order & Chaos is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game. This means victory is not dependent on one person’s skills, it’s a group effort.

After the initial tutorial is completed, a Gameloft account needs to be created or signed into. There isn’t much to be done until signed in. By signing in to a Gameloft account or creating one, of reward of 1000 amulets is received. Of the rewards are available by signing into Facebook and returning daily to play Heroes of Order & Chaos.

Three vs. three and five vs. five battles can be be fought in two modes. The solo mode where it’s one player controlled character and to computer-controlled characters or the other option is to have three player controlled characters. Along with the daily rewards, there are also daily quests. In the quests require multiple battles to achieve.

Like any game in a middle-age style setting, there’s quite the array of mythical beasts, magic, potions and lots of other imaginary things going on. While a battle is going on if a character dies, they are automatically respawn after a few seconds. The graphics are pretty good considering it’s an overhead view and there’s not a lot of detail needed. Some of the characters are pretty small.

The controls for Heroes of Order & Chaos are pretty easy to use. There is a directional pad in the bottom left corner of the screen to control the movement of the main hero. To the right side of the screen, there are several spells, a map and also the hero’s health bar.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is the type of game that will require quite a bit of time. As players get better, there are level ups that let the characters fight harder enemies making it more fun. Also see online multiplayer aspect of the game makes it more likely to play quite frequently and often.