Heroes of Steel RPG Review

Heroes of Steel RPG Review

Feb 19, 2014

Heroes of Steel tells the story of four warriors and their efforts to escape the dungeon of an evil king after being unjustly imprisoned. With dozens of guards and other creatures between them and the exit, it will be a long, hard slog to escape.

Heroes of Steel is a fairly traditional turn based strategy game enriched with a meaty slice of RPG and a good story thrown in. The party consists of a squishy rouge type character, a very weak wizard, a healer and a warrior, the only one who can take damage worth a darn.

Screenshot_2014-02-09-20-57-17Thus the game is about using your party’s unique talents in tandem to defeat enemies as effectively as possible, Healing potions and other items are in fairly short supply, so smart tactics are needed to avoid chewing though them too quickly. The death of any of your party members is enough to end the game, but the game saves frequently.

The frequent battles in the game are the main attraction, but there is also a good bit of dungeon crawling and treasure looting. A steady stream of things to kill and new, more powerful items keeps the game rolling at a good pace.

Screenshot_2014-02-09-19-23-05Heroes of Steel’s gameplay is satisfying and offers plenty of strategic fun for any TBS fan. Besides the excellent gameplay, a great story is woven into the game. There are constant conversations about the game’s lore or just extra insight into the characters. The dialogue does a great job of giving the party personality and it is always interesting to see what happens next.

The only downside of Heroes of Steel is its presentation. Using a basic top down view, the game sports somewhat old looking graphics. This doesn’t detract from the game much and is indeed preferable as it doesn’t drain battery life the way games today often do. The game is far from, ugly just not technically proficient. This doesn’t diminish the gameplay on offer in the least. The character art in particular really nails it and it even changes with story events.

The developer has also seen fit to cram some IAP characters into the game. Luckily they aren’t necessary so they can be safely ignored. The game is free and the next episode with hours more gameplay is only a dollar, so it’s hard to begrudge this minor amount of IAP very much.

Heroes of Steel is an excellent RPG and what it lacks in graphics it makes up for in other areas. It’s rare to see a Phone RPG with this level of character development and it’s a great purchase for traditional RPG fans.