Hexage Releases Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Hexage is a long-time developer who has released a wide variety of games for Android over the years. They have a new game just released on Google Play, Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman, now available. This is a bit different for the studio that has released many arcade-style titles on the platform before, as this is a side-scrolling hack ’n slash game. Players have a variety of attacks to use in the instances with creeps and boss enemies to fight.

The game has an overworld that players use to go from one quest to another, or to stop by the shop to buy new items. Gamepad fans will be glad to know that the game makes full use of HID gamepads or MOGA gamepads. I used an HID gamepad to record the video below, showing off the game’s artwork, and the interactive decision system, that mostly lets players be a jerk or not in the early going.

Reaper is free to try, with IAPs for $2.99-$4.99 to unlock the full game, and to additionally unlock new features. Check out the video below and download the game from Google Play for free now.

Radiant Defense Review

Radiant Defense Review

Jun 7, 2012

Tower defense games were always seemed boring. The reason for that was I never played one. Radiant Defense changed my perception of tower defense games. When trying out the game, I was up until the wee hours of the morning playing Radiant Defense just to get the next upgraded weapon or see what the new alien would do.

Radiant Defense starts out with a tutorial going through the basics of the game. Each progression adds in a different alien threat that needs to be taken care of with a newer type of weapon or technique. As the game progresses, the aliens get faster, sometimes smaller and other times more advanced. Some of the more advanced aliens can regenerate and others have barriers around them only broken by a certain kind of weapon.

Weapons in Radiant Defense are purchased with money earned by killing aliens. As the level is in progress, new guns and lasers can be purchased and placed where they are needed which is nice. A lot of games don’t allow modifications to weapon placement until the level is complete or failed. There are 3 weapons allowed in the beginning, a gun, a laser and a cannon. These 3 weapons are accessible without any upgrades or spending a lot of money. Each of the basic weapons can be upgraded for less than what it costs to buy another one. When more money is accrued, there is a research unit to purchase. This will open up the option to buy more powerful weapons like the Judgment Ray.

While Radiant Defense and other tower defense games don’t seem like too much fun, once the game starts there is actually a good amount of strategy involved. Be it rerouting the path of the alien invaders or positioning the right weapons to do the most damage at the right time, tower defense games are addictive.

GameTanium Mobile to Offer Subscription-Based Access to Android Titles

GameTanium Mobile to Offer Subscription-Based Access to Android Titles

Jul 19, 2011

Here’s a thought: what if, instead of the standard mobile method of buying games one at a time, users could instead access a Netflix-esque subscription service to play games? It appears as if GameTanium is attempting to do just that on Android. They offer a similar service on PC for users to stream games to their computer; how the Android version works is that users install the GameTanium app, which then points them to games available on GameTanium. The website promises that these are full games, with neither demos nor ads. The service comes with a free trial that doesn’t require any signup. Some of the games available now include Radiant, Buka, and EVAC from Hexage; Hockey Nations 2010, Space Physics, Dead Runner, and more.

There’s plenty of potential that could come from a model like this – developers could look into this as a way to distribute their games to new Android users without just giving them out as limited-time freebies on services like the Amazon Appstore. The question, of course, is how exactly this works when a user’s subscription ends. The app just installs APKs on a user’s phone – is it possible for users to just keep them, so the subscription is just for access to new games? Video subscription services work because users are easily cut off from material they may want to re-watch once the subscription lapses. Perhaps this is something that GameTanium has considered and is just willing to cut their losses for people that just keep the games without buying a subscription, or for those that cancel their subscriptions. The subscription will be available for $5/month, and they appear to have deals with companies like PopCap, Ubisoft and Namco on the PC side of the service, so there is potential for some big name games to come to GameTanium Mobile. The service requires the abilitiy to install non-Market APKs, and can be downloaded from GameTanium’s website.

Robotek Review

Robotek Review

May 31, 2011

What would you do if evil robots took over the world? Build giant robots of your own to fight back, utilizing obscure slot machine technology to select your armies, attacks and buffs? If you answered yes to that, then Robotek is the game for you. Heck, even if you answered “no,” you’ll probably still enjoy it.

Robotek is a strategy game by stealth; you build units, choose whether to attack or defend and protect your own power source from your opponents attacks. The game is turn-based, and at the start of your turn you choose one of three types of action – build, attack and hack. Once you’ve chosen your desired action, you spin the wheel and the game randomly assigns you three actions of that type.

For example, if you chose to attack your opponent, you might end up with a laser shot, a microwave charge and an electrical burst. If you’re lucky, your spin might land on three of the same symbols. Not only does that unleash a hyper powered version of the attack, buff or unit, it also lets you spin the wheels again, allowing for more carnage.

Robotek has a look all of its own, and it’s one that deserves special praise – the game is beautiful. From the menus to the world map where you choose your next mission, from the delicious bursts of light when you destroy an opponent to the simple symbols that show what actions you can perform, everything about the game is a visual delight. The sound too is remarkable – Robotek is clearly a labor of love by some hugely talented individuals.

Some might not like the in-app purchase system that the game uses – it’s perfectly possible to finish the game without spending a penny, but the purchases give you a better chance, as well as opening up the multiplayer component of the game. That’s a minor grumble though, because this is a game that’s more than worth paying for.

Robotek is a wonderful little title, that really shows off the creativity and innovation of the team behind it. It finds the perfect balance between action and strategy, presents itself in a unique and breathtaking way and, perhaps more importantly, is a barrel load of fun. Hexage and Robotek have set the bar, it’s now up to the rest of the developers on the Android Market to try and catch up.