The Conduit HD Review

The Conduit HD Review

May 31, 2013

The Conduit HD is probably the finest console-quality FPS available on mobile because it actually is a console FPS on mobile. Originally released as a Wii game by High Voltage Studios, they have now brought it to Android with a fresh coat of paint for HD devices, but with the same gameplay. On mobile scale, it’s quite an achievement, but does the title actually work on mobile? It’s a mixed bag.

Players control Michael Ford, a government agent who soon finds himself facing down an alien invasion after being betrayed by a shadow government, and forced to work for the ‘terrorist’ Prometheus who may not be as bad as he seems. Players swap between a variety of weapons and use the “All Seeing Eye” to activate switches, unlock doors, and find hidden items and messages spread throughout the game world.

The Conduit HD doesn’t really do much with the FPS formula that feels all that unique – part of its notability back in 2009 was that it was an original hardcore-focused FPS for the Wii, a casual-focused platform. While console-style gameplay is somewhat lacking on mobile, there have been a several FPS titles that have released, like Gameloft’s whole NOVA and Modern Combat series. So, while it feels a bit unique to be playing this game on mobile, it’s not entirely there.


The game is freemium, with the first two levels (though the very first is really just an extended tutorial) available for free, and the rest of the game unlockable for $4.99. It’s possible to buy 3-6 and 7-10 for $2.99 each, but…really? Don’t do that. As well, cheats can be bought with IAP.

The game is rather lengthy for a mobile title, with extended-length missions that make the most sense to play while at home sitting down. All the voice acting is still here, even though the plot, full of double-crosses and aliens is somewhat overacted by the cast. However, being called “Mr. Ford” all the time is entertaining for fans of Frisky Dingo.

The controls are a mixed bag. On the touch screen, it’s a wee bit chaotic, what with the virtual joysticks and double-tap actions that can cause random things to happen. My recommendation? Play with a real controller. HID gamepads (like the Xbox 360 controller) and the MOGA controllers are supported, and they’re much better for playing the game than the on-screen controls. Those are fine in a pinch, but this is a real FPS meant to be played with real controls.

And really, that’s the problem. This game is a console game on Android. And not one that is all that original to boot. Those looking for a legitimate FPS experience will want to check this out, especially for owners of physical controllers. They will get their money’s worth. But for those looking for a great mobile FPS…keep looking.