Friday Free App Rundown February 1 – Hill Games

Friday Free App Rundown February 1 – Hill Games

Feb 1, 2013

Hills are a lot of fun. In the winter hills can be covered with snow and make for a good time sledding. In the summer hills are fun to ride a bike down reaching speeds unsafe for younger children. Depending on the size of the hill, climbing it in a vehicle can be considered a sport. Lets take a look at some games revolving around hills.

Dillo Hills

Armadillos are not the fastest moving things out there. And they sure as heck can’t fly. When a freethinking dillo gets his sights set on flying, nothing is gonna stop him. Using the hills as a means of building speed, this little guy slingshots himself into the air making his wish com true.

Download Dillo Hills

Hill Truck Racing

If a stick man had a hill climbing truck, this would be it. The simple controls give an easy to control raised up truck to conquer lots of different levels and terrains. Pretty real physics are involved so the challenge is a bit more realistic when climbing or or feathering the gas and break to make it to the end of the level.

Download Hill Truck Racing

High hill Snowboard

Now that it’s the cold part of winter, thoughts of snowboarding and winter sports are easy to come by. High hill Snowboard is a pretty cool physics based snowboarding game where the slopes are steep and the powder is fresh. Taking a little time to learn the game can make it fun, but so can the crashes. Sometimes the rag doll crashes are a lot of fun to watch.

High hill Snowboard

Billy’s Hill

I’m scared of heights so the the thought of heading up into a hot air balloon freaks me out. Billy doesn’t seem to mind though and it’s a good thing too because there are some rare high-flying fireflies he needs to catch and feed the monster. Billy’s Hill is a great game for young kids but might be a little too easy for adults.

Download Billy’s Hill

Hill Climb Racing

Wanna race? Hill Climb Racing will feed that urge. Use different vehicles to literally go the distance. collect coins and get different upgrades to engine, suspension and other racing parts. The better and more interesting the vehicle, the more fun the game.

Download Hill Climb Racing