FaceFighter Gold Review

FaceFighter Gold Review

Jul 20, 2011

Be honest now, how many times have you looked at a co-worker, your boss, a friend or a family member and thought, “you know what, I’d really like to punch and kick you in the face”? Of course, because you’re a respectable and well-brought up member of the community, you nevEr have. But now, finally, we downtrodden, law-abiding citizens can take revenge on the faces of the people who have wronged and annoyed us.

Face Fighter allows you to paste the face of a close friend or a mortal enemy onto the head of a pugilist. Then by using on-screen taps, you beat seven shades of miserable hell out of them. Their face will be deformed by your blows, eyes blackened, teeth knocked out and cheeks bedecked in gory purple bruises. The game even has a little bit of depth to it. The more you assault your opponent, the more your special gauge fills up. Once it’s flashing, you can tap it to release a barrage of blows with a rubber chicken. There are even finishing moves that rain down furious fisticuffs on your bedraggled and defeated opponent.

FaceFighter Gold is more of an office toy dressed up as a game than an actual, full blown title. It’s fun for a while, and you’ll probably whip it out every now and then to show to your friends and family, but it’ll never become one of your go-to apps for long journeys or boring meetings.

That said, there are times when you’ll turn to it for the solace and catharsis that only a well-placed punch to the bridge of the nose can provide. If you are planning to use it to assault friends and colleagues, make sure they don’t see you doing it. No one likes to see someone they thought liked them gloating over a digital image of their grotesquely swollen face.