Hockey Nations 2011 Launches as Xperia Play Exclusive

Hockey Nations 2011 Launches as Xperia Play Exclusive

Apr 18, 2011

Hockey seems like the only sport I’ve ever been able to enjoy playing as a video game, with football coming in at a distant second. From the early days of Pong-style graphics to the EA Sports NHL franchise on the Sega Genesis, I’ve always been a fan of hockey games, especially in multiplayer mode. If you feel the same way, and you’re looking to pick up an Xperia Play, you might be excited to learn that Distinctive Developments are bringing Hockey Nations 2011 to Android as an exclusive to the gaming smartphone.

“We’re genuinely excited to be able to bring Hockey Nations 2011 to the first gaming smartphone, the Xperia Play,” said Nigel Little, Managing Director of Distinctive Developments. “The dedicated controls make the game even more of a joy to play and we look forward to giving Xperia Play owners everywhere a chance to experience this.”

Distinctive Developments say that they were listening closely to the fans when developing Hockey Nations 2011. The game will feature 6 modes, such as World League, Exhibition, multiplayer and more. The game will also feature an extensive selection of both international teams from the USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway and beyond, plus 40 customizable city teams. They’ve even included fighting, proving that they were listening to fans who clearly wanted this integral part of the sport in the game.

With the Xperia Play’s analog touch pad and digital buttons, not to mention the smooth, high-definition graphics backed by the Xperia Play’s powerful CPU/GPU combination, fans are sure to find an immersive, console-like experience. “Xperia Play’s gamepad brings a unique dimension to smartphone gaming,” said Steve Walker, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “Sports games are always popular on mobile, and we think Xperia Play owners will love the fast-paced action, fluid gameplay and stunning graphics of Hockey Nations 2011.”

Hockey Nations 2011 doesn’t yet support WiFi, however, it has been announced that it is coming very soon, giving players a full-featured multiplayer experience. Hockey Nations 2011 is now available on the Android Market for Xperia Play in Europe and North America.