Homerun Battle 3D Review

Homerun Battle 3D Review

Oct 11, 2011

If they say that variety is the spice of life, then Homerun Battle 3D is somewhere between white rice and vanilla ice cream. For $4.99 you might be expecting a full app that would have a story or career mode of some kind, but that, unfortunately, is not the case here in Homerun Battle 3D.

The game puts you in the cleats of a cartoonishly steroidal major leaguer. With biceps the size of small children and pecs you can store luggage in, you swagger up to the plate in and swing for the fences. Over, and over again. That’s pretty much the app. There’s no real career mode here; the home run derby you’re in is never explained and there’s nothing to challenge you offline except your high score.

Just like in the major league home run derby you’re given ten outs to work with, but unlike the real thing, taken balls are counted as outs and the pitcher will try to fool you with a screwball or change up once and a while. Every home run you hit with nine outs earns you points for upgrades like being able to change your face, pants, jersey, and bat. Everything is purely cosmetic except for the bats which, give your muscled hero a boost of power or contact edge.

Even though the game is very shallow the core action is pretty addictive and hits generally react as they should. The controls are simple and very responsive; tilt your device to place the bat where the pitch is and tap the screen to swing. It is easy to see some of the corners that were cut, however. For example, your character never actually swings the bat; instead the display just cuts to another camera showing the ball in flight, the pitcher is the same purple-shirted man who can throw both righty and southpaw apparently, and there are two stadiums to choose from: ‘Night’ and ‘Day.’

The online battle arena is probably the most impressive area of this game. Here you go head to head against another player and see who can score a set amount of points first. This works really well and it is easy to just hop on and play a random opponent of your skill. There is slight lag at the beginning of a match, but other than that everything runs surprisingly smooth.

This app would make a great game for 2 or even 3 bucks. But as it is, the $4.99 price tag seems a little steep for an app that really just contains an online battle arena and a practice mode offline.