BIG WIN Racing Review

BIG WIN Racing Review

Dec 30, 2013

Hothead Games hits us up with another sports sim in the name of BIG WIN Racing.

Like most BIG WIN titles, this one is all about management and preparation. The backdrop for this is stock car racing in the same vein as NASCAR. No element is left untouched, giving players full control of team evolution via the management and improvement of card characters and other functions that effect success.

The gameplay starts with the creation of a new team and the opening of a starter pack; a starter pack consists of a driver, crew members, four parts, three “big impact” cards and a sponsor card. Characters can be customized down to hair style and even shape of face, but few of the customization are fee. Driving styles can be adjusted, as well.

After all is built and tweaked, it’s time to race. It’s possible to see the race simulated, or just skip this. bwr1Watching the races help with visualizing the effect of cards, as well as the effect of having sloppy pit work. This where careful use of the impact card becomes crucial. Selecting the right cards for each race can decide the end result. Each card has a purpose: Taking The Pole starts you up front and Grip Through Turns helps with tight turns. In any case, doing well has payouts, and the payouts can be used to improve material and personnel; during races (if watched “live”) it is possible to actually see errors made by, say, the crew that can be corrected.

Racing itself comes in five modes: Friends mode encourages the incorporation of Facebook to race friends, while Events mode gives out limited-time prizes. Trophy an Quick race modes are fairly self-explanatory, and there is also championship mode.

I think that in-game adjustments could really improve the game… in other words, the ability to use big impact cars as the action is unfolding. This would make the “live component” more interesting, I think. Even though the graphics are, in my opinion, a bit subdued, it looks good enough for casual play. I am also a bit hazy on the most effective use of the big impact pieces as well.

For NASCAR-style race management for handheld gaming loving types, this free-to-play game might just fit the bill.