My Upgrade Conundrum: An HTC M9 Mini-Review — A Look Back

Frankly, working with technology has its perks. We get to see the coolest new software and gadget all while never really falling out of love with the old. It’s a fun diversion, and hard to complain about.

I have found a way though.

When it comes to picking a daily driver on Android, the problem of choice arises. Everybody has a worthy flagship that looks good; just about all of them carry the main features people on the go crave, and every generation sees one or two introduce something especially cool that might set them apart — for a short time. Other device makers either co-opt the feature or create a better one, and the cycle gloriously repeats.

The fight to be a cut above the rest is definitely a boon to Android OS users.

Full disclosure: I am a huge fan of HTC software. The company has been front and center with Android since the beginning, and its recent devices, back to the M7, exemplify what happens when cool software is merged with Android; My One M8 is still my device of choice.

Still, I have looked at going for a spell with another manufacturer, not necessarily because I am unhappy with HTC hardware, but more because I can, and wouldn’t mine having extended time with something new. Samsung has me yearning, LG is tempting, and Huawei continues to be intriguing.

Unfortunately, I have had a lot time with the HTC One M9. Darn.

The specs are well known; what it underscores is the great concept of finding a winning solution, and sticking to it. The exterior still manages to feel premium, and HTC’s softawre overlay is still beloved… even in 2016. It’s a device that is easily relevant far into the feature (hey, like I said, I’m still rocking my M8 as my daily driver).

My biggest wish? HTC stays in the Android hardware business for the long haul. Please.

HTC One Google Edition Now Available from Google Play

HTC One Google Edition Now Available from Google Play

Jun 27, 2013

Google’s push to release more “Google Edition” phones continues with the HTC One now available on Google Play as a Google Edition device. This means that minimal manufacturer modifications have been applied – it’s all about the stock Android experience on this flagship device from HTC that has been praised as perhaps the top Android device available.

Of course, this comes at a steep price: $599 unsubsidized. While this can wind up saving money, with options like T-Mobile prepaid plans or MVNOs like Straight Talk available as opposed to more expensive post-paid plans, it’s still a high upfront cost for Google’s phones. Perhaps a partnership with a carrier like T-Mobile in the future may help increase the sales of these phones.

The HTC One on Google Play joins the Samsung Galaxy S4, along with the Nexus 4, as phones available from Google Play unlocked and with stock Android. Whether the Nexus line will continue remains to be seen.

E3 2012: Playstation Suite Rebranded as Playstation Mobile, Coming to HTC One Phones

E3 2012: Playstation Suite Rebranded as Playstation Mobile, Coming to HTC One Phones

Jun 6, 2012

While the Xperia Play’s future is unknown, what is known is that the Playstation Suite for Android is not dead, and it’s expanding out beyond the bounds of Sony. HTC phones will begin to get access to Playstation games and other titles developed through Sony’s SDK, which is now retitled Playstation Mobile. The first phones with support are all from the HTC One line, including the X, S and V models.

The expansion of Playstation Mobile, along with support for the Playstation Vita, may prove to be a motivator for third party developers using the SDK, and it shows a commitment by Sony to keep their footprint on mobile while they try to make the Playstation Vita a success. At worst, it means that more phones could potentially be playing PS1 games in the future! Being able to possibly play Tomba! anywhere without having to charge up my PSP? That has me excited!