Humble HandyGames Mobile Bundle is Live

Humble HandyGames Mobile Bundle is Live

Nov 30, 2016

Here at Android Rundown, we are huge fans of the Humble Bundle initiative. What’s there not to love? It’s an alternative app distribution model that allows for folks to pick a price and get a bunch of games. Better yet, proceeds from those sales go to charity.

Everybody wins, and everybody feels good winning.

Now, there is a new bundle out, and with this one, we get some fantastic games from reputable Android developer HandyGames.

Here’s how it goes, using the recently revamped tiered pricing system:

Pay what you want, and get premium versions of:

1941 Frozen Front
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Clouds & Sheep
Guns’n’Glory WW2

Want more? Well, $3+ gets a bunch more. Everything up above, plus::

Rocket Island
Ninja Hero Cats
Guns’n’Glory Zombies
Stage Dive Legends
Devils & Demons
Super Dynamite Fishing
Save The Puppies
1944 Burning Bridges

Finally, the big bucket… $5 or more gets everything above (14 games. 14!) PLUS:

1942 Pacific Front
Clouds & Sheep 2
Guns’n’Glory Heroes
Dynamite Fishing World Games

Not a bad haul.

As noted, these also support charities; this one helps out Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

Act fast; this one ends on December 5th.


[via Humble Mumble]

Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Brings Premium Games for $1+

Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Brings Premium Games for $1+

Jul 27, 2016

Well, it’s about time…

Humble Mobile Bundle is back — in its 19th iteration, no less. The famed “pay what you want” alternative app distribution model is no stranger to putting out popular premium applications, and its current offering continue the trend. One can get great games for a good price AND support some worthy charities… all in one fell swoop.

So… what’s up for grabs this time?

For a dollar ($1), one can get:

  • Chameleon Run
  • Ys Chronicles II
  • Hitman GO

Pay more than the current average ($4.95 at the time of writing), one also gets:

  • Punch Club
  • Super Stickman Golf 3
  • …plus more games that will be added further into the promotion.

Ah… but what if one wants to go even bigger? Well, $6 unlocks all of the above, PLUS:

  • Dropsy
  • The Banner Saga

That is up to $33 worth of games for $6… or more. One can choose one of two provided charities, or pick one’s own to give to.

But alas! Great things don’t last forever. HMB 19 is on now, and runs on through August 8th.


[via Humble Mumble]
[Our Chameleon Run review]
[Our Super Stickman Golf 3 Review]

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Arrives with a New Batch of Premium Apps Pay-What-You-Want Style

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Arrives with a New Batch of Premium Apps Pay-What-You-Want Style

Jun 1, 2015

Humble Mobile Bundle 13 is live.

The initial tier allows users to acquire Timelines: Assault on America (Premium), Hellraid: The Escape and The Ministry of Silly Walks. The price? Buyers can pay what they want.

That’s right. Any price. Literally.

Those who pay more than the current average ($2.97 at the time of this article) will also unlock three (3) more premium titles: Twisty Hollow, Puzzle Retreat Complete and Worms 3.

Lastly, there will be even more surprise titles added to the current bundle before it ends.

Humble Bundle remains one of the more creative app distribution models available to Android users. As noted it allows users to pick a price, and to even choose how much to allocate to developers and charity.

The current bundle is live now, and runs through June 15, 2015.


[Source: Humble Bundle Blogpost]

Humble Mobile Bundle Offers Premium Apps Pay-What-You-Want Style

Humble Mobile Bundle Offers Premium Apps Pay-What-You-Want Style

Apr 6, 2015

Humble Bundle is back with a nice little package for Android users — in the usual free pay system.

In Humble Bundle 11, Android users can pay whatever they want, and get:

  • Avernum: Escape From the Pit
  • Auro
  • Bounden
  • Of course, there’s more. If one pays more than the average donation ($4.20 at the time of this article), one also gets:

  • Riddick: The Merc Files
  • Kingdom Rush Origins
  • 80 Days
  • But wait… even MORE! More games are slated to be added to the “extras” tab mid-promotion.

    In any case, it’s an excellent way to stock up on great titles and support some deserving charities and/or developers on the way. The current Bundle concludes on April 20th.

    Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds Three New Games, Including Desert Bus?!

    Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds Three New Games, Including Desert Bus?!

    Nov 28, 2013

    The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 has received its customary halfway point update with three new titles. Now, those who pay above the average will receive three additional titles:

    Hundreds: Greg Wohlwend adds another game to the bundle! His collaboration with Semi Secret Software is a multitouch ‘puzzle’ game that’s one of the best of 2013. When I spoke with Adam Saltsman at GDC 2012 about it, I was endlessly fascinated by getting my hands on it. Try this one on a tablet with friends – it’s not explicitly a multiplayer game, but it’s not explicitly not, either.


    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor: This mysterious adventure from Tiger Style Games, creators of Waking Mars, just had a sequel announced. So why not play that haunting original too?

    Desert Bus: Here’s something different. Desert Bus is taken from the unreleased Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, and requires players to drive a bus from Reno to Tuscon at 45mph for 360mph. All in real time. And the bus occasionally veers right and needs to be towed back (in real time) if it goes off the road. Intense action, indeed!

    But in all seriousness, the proceeds for this game go to charity, as Desert Bus for Hope plays the game continually each year to raise proceeds for Child’s Play, and their contributions to this bundle will go to that charity as well.

    The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 runs until December 3rd.

    Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Adds Three Additional Games

    Humble Mobile Bundle 2 Adds Three Additional Games

    Oct 2, 2013

    The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 has been kicking along, having sold over 120,000 copies and making over $560,000 for developers, charity, and Humble themselves, of course. And as is par for the course for most of the main bundles Humble offers, the pot has been sweetened for those who kick in above the average ($4.54 as of press time) with three new games:

    Karateka Classic: Jordan Mechner’s classic fighting game, the grand-daddy of them all, has players fighting their way through a deadly dojo to save the princess from the warlord Akuma, and his hawk, who is back from 1984 to annoy gamers in 2013. The bundle includes the Making of Karateka e-book for good measure!

    God of Blades: White Whale Games’ side-scrolling endless action game inspired by 70’s sci-fi, coincidentally somewhat akin to fellow bundle-mate Punch Quest, is part of the bundle as well. The bundle includes available for the first time, the game’s soundtrack as well.

    QWOP: Bennett Foddy’s infamous track sprinter ‘simulation’’s mobile variant has been brought to Android with the help of Noodlecake Games, and is part of the bundle here as well. Running is hard!

    The Humble Mobile Bundle goes until next Wednesday, October 9th.

    Humble Mobile Bundle Brings 9 Android-Exclusive Titles to Gamers at a Pay-What-You-Want Price

    Humble Mobile Bundle Brings 9 Android-Exclusive Titles to Gamers at a Pay-What-You-Want Price

    Apr 2, 2013

    The most recent Humble Bundle for Android happened only weeks ago, but there’s a brand new bundle with Android games now available, but most interestingly, this one is Android-exclusive. The Humble Mobile Bundle boasts up to 9 Android games (based on how much the person spends), from a variety of developers and publishers. Here’s a rundown:

    Contre Jour: The Chillingo-published atmospheric physics puzzler has players trying to get the mysterious creature Petit from danger to safety by flinging him around dark and mysterious landscapes.

    Anomaly Korea: 11 bit Studios’ tower offense game has players commanding armies of creeps into and around enemy defenses. Read our review for more on this one.

    Plants vs. Zombies: PopCap’s famous casual-friendly strategy game, where players use an increasingly-complex number of defenses to keep various zombie hordes from attacking their house, is part of the bundle as well.

    Bladeslinger: This 3D action game has players fighting monsters in a 3D wild west landscape. The game was only recently made publicly available for all Android users.

    These games are available for those who pay above the average:

    Metal Slug 3: SNK Playmore’s classic run ‘n gun game, ported by Dotemu, has plenty of explosions, fantastic animations, and all the retro gameplay one would expect from SNK. Read our review for more.

    The Room: This atmospheric adventure game, which was a surprise hit on iOS, makes its Android debut. Players try to crack open the mysterious safe in the room they’re trapped in, but things soon get very strange…

    Funky Smugglers: In the 70’s and before the time of the TSA, everyone looked funky and many people tried to smuggle things. It’s your job to keep that from happening, no matter how funky cool a brother looks.

    Another World: This classic adventure game has been brought to Android with the help of Dotemu, and players must try to navigate a strange alien landscape. Gamepad support is here along with touch controls.

    Raiden Legacy: Another Dotemu title, this is a shoot ’em up with multiple titles in the classic Raiden arcade series to enjoy. Read our review for more.

    This bundle lasts until Tuesday April 9th, so those interested should hop on this quickly.