HyperQuiz Review

HyperQuiz Review

Feb 1, 2012

Back in the early 2000’s there was a game that I was absolutely addicted to, called Quiz Quiz. It was an online, multiplayer trivia contest, and for a while it was big. The better the player did at the games the more in-game “money” they won, which could be used to trick out the player’s little avatar, similar to something like in Gaia Online. But one day Quiz Quiz suddenly disappeared and I was left with a hole in my life. So when I saw HyperQuiz I dared let myself hope for a replacement.

HyperQuiz is also an online, multiplayer trivia contest. Each player competes against three other players, and have 10 questions to answer per game. They have a three-second countdown, and then the question is revealed. Each question is multiple choice with four potential answers. The questions are hugely varied in subject matter. I’ve seen questions about movies, sports, science, history, geography, math, and nursery rhymes. Even better, it was only after playing about 20 rounds or so that I saw any repeat questions. Someone has spent a lot of time coming up with a lot of trivia.

Points are awarded for each correct answer, and additional points are awarded for Wins – the first person to correctly answer the question. At the end of the round the points are tallied and the player is awarded those points in the form of diamonds. The diamonds are the currency, but there are also in-game dollars. Currency can be used to purchase Bonuses. One Bonus can eliminate one of the options to help narrow down the answer, and another Bonus moves to the player to the fastest-to-answer, even if you weren’t originally. Bonuses can give an edge once per round of questions, and they have time limits for how long they can be used.

There are little avatar options for users, but they are only a pre-set list of animated head-shots, which is a little disappointing. But if I didn’t Quiz Quiz to compare it to I don’t think I’d honestly give it a second thought. There is the option of signing in as a guest, with a randomly generated username, or else players can sign up and login each time. The advantage of creating an account is that it actually keeps track of points from session to session.

I am a huge trivia nerd, so this game is right up my alley. I play it at least once a day, just a round or two to make myself feel smart. Opponents are selected from whoever else is in the game at that time, but it also attempts to match with people with a comparable success rate in order to keep things challenging. The questions are great and well-written. My favourite question so far was “How many millimeters in a kilometer”, which I got spectacularly wrong.

Being an online game, it requires a stable and speedy internet connection to link up with other players, so it unfortunately fails my Can I Play This On The Subway test. But that’s not really a flaw, and I tested it out on my above-ground commuter train and had very little trouble maintaining my connection. However it can lag suddenly if someone else is on a slow connection. As well, when trying to play during a slow time of day the game will be prevented from starting until there are four players for the round. This can be a bit frustrating.