I am Vegend Review

I am Vegend Review

Jan 18, 2013

Birds vs pigs. Dinosaurs vs aliens. Perry vs Doofenshmirtz.

What is the next great conflict in the world of mobile gaming? You got it: plants vs birds, pigs AND zombies.

Okay. Alright.

I am Vegend: Zombiegeddon is a battle tale that puts plants against, well, most of the world. I am Vegend shaped out to be a wistful take on cake defense. With lethal seeds as my initial weapons, I defended the left side of the gaming area from enemy hordes that made entry from the right. My job was to try to dislodge the undead from the staggered platforms before they got to me. A short cutscene showing how to use the defending plant was utilized (in the way that Angry Birds fans will understand), so I did not start completely blind. The further I progressed in the game, the faster and more plentiful the marauders became. I came across caged plants I had to free with my seed projectiles; soon, zombie-piloted planes were dropping off even more combatants, which got faster, and possessed an increased ability to avoid my shots.

Thankfully, I could upgrade my plant fighters. There were different types of defenders, which added some variety to the game. Tomato bombs? Pure genius. Control-wise, it was easy to pick up; tap to switch defender, tap to direct weapons. Efficiency determined my score, and game cash got me upgrades.

The entire game was a whimsical splash of high definition color. The developer seemingly wanted a very bright backdrop, and the developer succeeded by blending stark coloration that did not distract from the animations. The sounds were a bit subdued, with grunts being interspersed with the sounds of weapons. I liked that the scenery changed as the game advanced.

With I am Vegend, it is hard to look at plants as benign living things; it quite easily brings back those scary B-movie man-eaters of the 60s. I doubt I’ll ever look at carrots the same way again.