Super Mario Run finally arrives on Android

Super Mario Run finally arrives on Android

Mar 23, 2017

Hold the presses: Super Mario Run is it now for Google Play users.

Finally, Nintendo!

We’d like to pretend like it isn’t a big deal, but hey… this is major stuff. It’s only the game with the biggest buzz of 2017… the one game that underscored the ever-shrinking app gap.

And what do we get? Well, Super Mario Run promises to be the one Mario titled game you can play hard — with one hand. It’s all about tapping to jump to avoid, collect and advance. Run, left to right, in an engaging, varying 2D environment that mimics an arcade experience.

Very, very Mario-ish.

Hey, don’t mind us. Get to it… we are. You should know it’s free with in-app purchases.

In the mean time, check out the trailer below:

Netflix gets update, will soon allow subscriptions via Google Play Billing

Netflix gets update, will soon allow subscriptions via Google Play Billing

Apr 27, 2016

Netflix is getting an update, and is teasing an upcoming feature: giving folks the ability to subscribe from within the app.


Bug fixes
Coming soon: Subscribe for Netflix via Google Play Billing (new permission required).

Upon updating, one is required to accept a new permission for in-app purchasing, which is related to the upcoming feature.

The app itself remains free.

Super Arc Light launches on Google Play

Super Arc Light launches on Google Play

Mar 25, 2016

We’ve been keeping an eye out for No Code Studios and Channel 4 Television Corporation’s Super Arc Light, and it is finally here.

Super Arc Light is a minimalistic, arcade radial shooter where you must defend your base to the death against waves of challenging enemies.
Super Arc Light features a unique one button control system, delivering a fast-paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Survive for as long as you can, taking down tough enemies with speed and accuracy for the ultimate high score!

With numerous weapons to unlock, each with their own spectacular visual effect – light up the skies as you destroy your foes in an epic display of space warfare.

Hold on tight and get ready for pure relentless survival in Super Arc Light!

Key Features
– Fast paced, retro shoot-em-up gameplay
– Waves of challenging enemies to overcome
– Many deadly weapons to unlock
– Spectacular visual effects
– Global leaderboards

The game costs $0.99, and has in-app purchases; the launch trailer is below:

Upcoming Game ‘Patchwork’ Due Out Next Week

Upcoming Game ‘Patchwork’ Due Out Next Week

Feb 18, 2016

Next week, we should see the arrival of a new game from Digidiced; this one is a mobile adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s popular board game Patchwork.

In Patchwork, you’ll go head-to-head against quilters all over the world by laying down tiles of different shapes and creating a patchwork of sorts. You’ll have to be strategic, though! With each piece of fabric placed, you move closer to the end of the time-tracking board. Go ahead and be the first one to move over a valuable single-square patch (thus stealing from the competition), but be careful: Racing to the end of the board will give you less time to build your quilt! Carefully plan each stitch and avoid creating holes — because each gap will cost you two points :)

Patchwork for mobile offers three different game modes:

— Local: Play against the A.I. in three varying difficulties (Lula/Easy, Hoo/Medium, and Ute/Hard), or share your device with another local player using the Guest option.
— Casual: Join unranked online matches — a step up from local play but not as competitive.
— Ranked: Challenge players from all over the globe in ranked matches.

— Faithful digital conversion of the award-winning board game by Uwe Rosenberg.
— Cross-platform worldwide multiplayer gameplay.
— Effective interactive tutorial.
— Analyze your best games (or learn tricks from the pros!) with the Playback function.
— Customize the interface with an ever-increasing number of backgrounds and colorful patterns.
— Challenge the A.I. in easy, medium, or hard mode.
— Consider every stitch you make in this deceivingly simple game.

February 24th is the day! The game is slated to cost $2.99 (with additional in-app purchasing opportunities), and will be cross-platform.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Nightmares from the Deep 2 is 80% Off for a Limited Time

Nightmares from the Deep 2 is 80% Off for a Limited Time

May 25, 2015

Nightmares from the Deep 2 (styled Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call on the Amazon Appstore) is going on sale for a limited time.

This hidden object game is free to download; the full version can be obtained via in-app purchase. For the duration of this promotion, the full version unlock costs only $0.99.

Excerpts from the press release:

When Sarah Black, the curator at the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a mysterious package, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict. As she begins to remove an artifact from the package, assailants instantly descend on the museum and snatch it. In disbelief, Sarah realizes that yet again she is falling headfirst into a nightmare from the deep! Soon she finds herself on the shores of Kingsmouth, a forgotten fishing village with an incredible secret. A would-be messenger reveals the sad truth: he and the town’s other denizens are gradually turning into ghoulish, mutated ocean creatures. And that this curse was cast by none other than Mayor Murray and the old sea-devil himself, Davy Jones! Answer the siren’s call to save this beleaguered village and defeat Davy Jones, Mayor Murray and his pet sea monster, the Kraken!

Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren’s Call is filled with suspense and intrigue. It brims with interactive mini-games, diverse puzzles and dynamic hidden object scenes. Silhouette type scenes hide a few items that are parts of puzzles and help you find other hidden items on the same scenes. In the end of each search you’ll get a tool that is crucial for further progress. This sequel also offers you mahjong mini-game as an alternative to regular hidden object scenes. Stunning artwork and pleasant voiceovers contribute to the compelling atmosphere. Spiced up with a breathtaking story line that combines mythology with modern characters, Nightmares from the Deep 2 will catch your attention immediately and guarantee an unforgettable gaming experience.

Key Features:

Thrilling storyline and awesome artwork
48 enigmatic locations
Over 400 objects to find
20 hidden object scenes
28 amazingly diverse mini-games
30 fantastic achievements

We had an opportunity to review the game a while back, and liked the form.

Hurry though; this deal is live now and ends on May 31st, 2015.

[Our Review]

Doraemon Gadget Rush Review

Doraemon Gadget Rush Review

Feb 27, 2015

I’m totally oblivious to Doraemon. Other than seeing his cute blue face on a number of lunchboxes, backpacks and t-shirts, I have no idea what he or even it is about. So imagine my surprise when it turns out the Doraemon is actually a cyborg cat, sent from the future by a time-travelling scientist. Like The Terminator but only not.

Still, you don’t have to be a up on your Doraemon knowledge to be able to enjoy Doraemon Gadget Rush, all you have to do is be able to recognise when three tiles are of the same colour and are connected to each other. You then swipe the tiles and they disappear, you get points and more tiles drop onto the screen to replace them.DGR2

There’s a reason given for you to do this – it’s something about robots stealing gadgets and I think the robots are from the future as well, though I’m not sure. Naturally, the only way to defeat these thieving mechanoids is to try and get a high-score in the previously described tile-matching game.

To help you get as high a score as possible you can take characters and gadgets into each battle. The different characters you take into battle will offer you different perks, such as boost to score, extra time and bonuses for chaining together more tiles than 3. The same can said of the gadgets that you use as well, equipping one item to one character.

Similar to games like 10000000, Gadget Rush asks you to play the game over and over again but incentivises this with the awarding of experience points and coins at the end of each round. Levelled up characters and items will have stronger bonuses whilst coins can be used to buy buffs that can be used in future attempts to beat that high score.

This creates a loop of you wanting to beat your score, levelling up characters to make this more likely and then unlocking new items and characters that are better than their levelled up peers. It doesn’t hurt that the games presentation is kind on the eyes. Doraemon’s bright blue face is plastered all over this thing and everything’s beyond cute and cuddly. The music and little voice-clips that pop off when you do well don’t hurt either, even if it leaves such a sugary sweet taste that you risk diabetes every time you play.

Considering this is a game that many will write-off as ‘licensed rubbish’, Doraemon Gadget Rush is an incredibly solid puzzle game that has been built upon to include systems that reward and encourage continued play. The In-App-Purchases which are often egregious in most titles like are handled well and aren’t advertised in an intrusive or annoying way. A real pleasant surprise.

One Man Left Studios Reacts Proactively to Sales Data, Re-Releases Gauntlet’s Revenge as Free-to-Play

One Man Left Studios Reacts Proactively to Sales Data, Re-Releases Gauntlet’s Revenge as Free-to-Play

Jan 13, 2015

One Man Left is a notable name when it comes to cross-platform mobile gaming.

I recently released Tilt 2 Live Gauntlet’s Revenge to the Play Store as a premium-priced title, and according t a recent informational, felt the game wasn’t doing as well.

Interestingly, One Man Left decided to change approach, and has just re-released Gauntlet’s Revenge as a free-to-play game with ads; now, players can get an ad-free experience via in-app purchase.

The studio takes the time to apologize to early adopters that paid for the game. It also promises to refund folks like this “as soon as possible” provided they fill out the contact form on its website.

So, for fans of the franchise, there you have it: Gauntlet’s Revenge is now free on the Play Store.

[Source: OML Press Release]

Kiloo and Papaya Bring iOS Hit “Frisbee Forever” to Android This Year

Kiloo, long-time handheld gaming and iOS developer, are bringing their iOS chart-topper Frisbee Forever to Android. This game has players piloting a frisbee through obstacle courses full of rings to fly through with stars to collect along the way. There are over 100 levels in the game, with multiple new frisbees to unlock along the way.

Kiloo is partnering with social gaming service Papaya to bring Frisbee Forever to Android. Papaya claims a user base of over 18 million people, and Frisbee Forever will utilize Papaya’s socialization features. While the feature list is not complete for Frisbee Forever’s Papaya implementation, it is known the service does offer news feeds, leaderboards, achievements, and custom avatars. The iOS version was freemium with in-app purchases for star coins that go toward extras and upgrades; the Android version will use Papaya’s in-game currency, called papayas appropriately enough. Papayas can be purchased via Android Market billing, PayPal, credit card, and direct carrier billing. According to PapayaMobile CEO Si Shen, “Papaya is very excited to begin this new partnership with Kiloo, working together closely to integrate Kiloo’s games into our social network. The goal of the partnership is to both increase the user base and revenue of Kiloo’s games and continue to establish Kiloo as a leader in mobile game development.”

Frisbee Forever will launch later this year on Android – the iOS version was universal, and it is claimed that the game will launch for both Android phones and tablets. As well, Kiloo will be partnering with Papaya to bring their other games to Android in the coming months. Whac-a-Mole and Zenses Rainforest are already available on the Android Market, so some of Kiloo’s other titles and possibly future ones could make the jump. Says Jacob Moller, CEO of Kiloo, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with PapayaMobile. I believe that PapayaMobile offers a comprehensive set of tools, the best user experience, and the broadest range of monetization opportunities in the market today. Papaya also possesses a social network that drives deep social engagement and monetization.” Stay tuned for more details closer to the game’s release.