Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Notable Board Game Mysterium Due Out on Android this Year

Nov 9, 2016

Like board games? Enjoy them on board games? Be on the lookout for Mysterium, due out in December.

The original game, developed by Oleksandr Nevskiy and Oleg Sidorenko, is interestingly based on a murder mystery; it packs in intrigue, a psychic character and the need to guess the details of the crime. The upcoming digitized version sounds similar:

Join the team of the brilliant clairvoyant Mr. MacDowell as a psychic for an exceptional séance! Lend a hand to the ghost haunting the walls of the Warwick Manor in his search for memories of his suspicious death. Read into the ghost’s visions to gather information on numerous leads in this atmospheric, cunning and immersive game. In Mysterium, gamers can also play as the ghost, whose communication with other psychics is limited to visions and dreams represented by beautifully illustrated cards.

The mobile version is being brought to life by Asmodee Digital, a design house that specializes in creating digital versions of board games, and Libellud, a board game publisher. Mysterium will have multiplayer functionality and singular Story Mode and some exclusive features.

The game is slated to cost $6.99; and will have in-app purchase opportunities. It will also be available on iOS and Steam.


CallofCommander: Zombie Island Launches on Google Play

CallofCommander: Zombie Island Launches on Google Play

Jul 5, 2016

CallofCommander: Zombie Island is a new game from Magic Cube that just landed on Android.

Per Google Play, this one is feature-packed:

Call Of Commander meets a Zombie!
Magic Cube’s first zombie game since Infect Them All in 2013!

Sometimes human greed brings a terrible disaster.

A beautiful remote island, Sunshade.
There is the Nano Creature Tech corporation’s medical research facility that researches extending human life.
One morning, Laura, a researcher, runs into a guard on the way to her lab.
She says hello to the guard, but he ignores her greeting and bites her hand.

Five hours later,
Nano Creature Tech realizes that they’ve lost contact with the facility.
The corporation sends in a private mercenary squad “Metal Trooper” to the island to investigate the situation.
Mark, the commander of Metal Trooper, finds that the island is totally out of control, and then decides to rescue survivors and escape the island.

– Command all soldiers at once with simple swipe controls
– Upgrable 8 commanders with individual skills and strengths
– Various campaigns with various missions
– Expandable the size of a squad
– Infect system : Don’t let your soldiers turn into a zombie!
– Rescue system : Rescue a soldier being bitten before turning into a zombie!
– Hunger system : Take supplies to survive!
– Survival mode : Survive in a endless fight!
– Weather system : Various surroundings that affect combat
– Many map objects that can be used strategically
– Universal App
– Stunning pixel arts
– Realistic sound effects and BGM
– Various achievements and leaderboards
– Asynchronous multiplayer : Supports inviting a friend’s commander

The game costs $0.99, and has additional in-app purchases. Check out the trailer:

Bridge Constructor Medieval Goes on Sale

Bridge Constructor Medieval Goes on Sale

May 13, 2016

Headup Games’ Bridge Constructor Medieval is on sale for $0.20 — down from its regular price of $1.99.

There are a total of five materials available to help you build the perfect bridge: wood, heavy wood, stone and ropes, along with the new addition of the bridge roof.
Throughout the exciting background story, you will familiarize yourself with the various materials on a step-by-step basis, and learn everything you need to know so that your bridges meet the requirements of the different levels.
Innovative game modes in store for you!
Besides building stable bridges, there’s also plenty on offer for veterans to discover in the new game modes.
In the siege level, your bridge is bombarded by enemy catapults. Strengthen your bridge so that it doesn’t collapse, and protect your own troops on the bridge with a bridge roof.
In another new game mode, you build your bridges so that they collapse under the load of enemy units to send as many of them as possible into the abyss.
In addition, the unique bonus challenges will leave even the most experienced players at their wit’s end. That way, both bridge-building professionals and novices will face a challenge in Bridge Constructor Medieval.

– For the first time: Build bridges in the Middle Ages!
– Brand new levels and game modes for a completely new gaming experience
– Design sturdy bridge roofs to protect yourself from enemy catapults
– Construct cunning bridge traps to send advancing enemy troops into the abyss
– Exciting and funny background story
– Enjoy beautiful medieval landscapes
– Google Play Game Services Achievements and rankings
– Tablet support

The game has in-app purchases; no word on how long the sale will last, so make hay.

[Source: Slickdeals]

‘Battle Bros – Tower Defense’ gets update PLUS free premium content

‘Battle Bros – Tower Defense’ gets update PLUS free premium content

Feb 26, 2016

Tower defense game Battle Bros is getting an update — and a lot more. For folks who download the game this weekend, there will be a bonus allotment of 700 gems courtesy of developer DryGin Studios.

That’s $3.99 worth of in-app content for free.

Per the press release, the current update brings:

-Added New Checkpoint system
-Added new upgrades levels for player and traps
-Added the ability to revive a dead brother. (Coop only)
-Better Matchmaking system.

Sounds like the perfect time to check this one out; we have the trailer below for those that need some more motivation.

Battle Bros remains free-to-play on the Play Store.


[via Battle Bros Press Release]

Ingress Gets In-App Store via Update

Ingress Gets In-App Store via Update

Nov 3, 2015

Ingress is allowing folks to get involved with real money now.


What’s New in Version 1.86.0
Please check out our Q4 anomaly event series, #Abaddon, at
NEW FEATURE : Storefront
Strategic Explorations (SE), a black-lab research and intelligence group associated with Hulong Transglobal, has injected a new ‘Storefront’ into the Ingress Scanner. Intel suggests that this ‘Storefront’ will soon roll out to all Agent Scanners.
Scanner’s resume experience is now more stable. Capsule handling also improved.

The current build is rolling out gradually; it’s free to play on Google Play.

Goats on a Bridge Review

Goats on a Bridge Review

Mar 23, 2015

So what happened to the billy goats after the fable? That’s the story Goats on a Bridge tries to tell.

Goats on a Bridge is a new game that re-imagines Three Billy Goats Gruff in the essence of a platform puzzle and race game.

The idea is fairly easy, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t start off by mentioning how it looks. It packs a vivid visual punch, with bright colors that are seemingly made to underscore the gameplay. The animations are not too complex, and invoke a playful air.

The gameplay comes in two main modes: Dash and Puzzle. In Puzzle, one gets to see the game in somewhat of a standard form… a raised platform above water being the main environmental pieces. Our protagonist is a jolly, lovable goat, and the goal is to get said goat from point A to point B as fast as possible. Of course, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill walk in the park; what type of platform game would this be if it didn’t have some obstacles?


The first obstacle, in a manner of speaking, is mastering the controls, which consist of abbreviated gestures and virtual buttons. More specifically to the gameplay, there are gaps in the platform that have to be navigated by jumping. Jumping, however, is a precise process in that being too far from the take off point causes the leap to be short, making the goat take a run ending plunge into the water below. Being too aggressive in getting to the end of plank can be just as dangerous. In any case, the jumps can be hazardous, despite the collctible gold coins that line the travelways. Gold can be used for in-app uogrades (along with real money.

Then there are other obstacles, like boxes, and the surfaces of the platforms change, with multiple goats (which invites multiple person play) becoming part of the gameplay.

Some of the same elements can be found in Dash, but in this, we have something more akin to an endless runner, but with collapsing ground, spikes, gaps and more making appearances. There are achievements and other arcade elements as well.

All in all, it’s an interesting game that invites extended gameplay.

Smash’n’Bash Review

Smash’n’Bash Review

Oct 16, 2013

Smash’n’Bash is a delightfully fun game that doesn’t have anything really unique about it. It’s a simple side scrolling endless runner which requires players to move their Viking protagonist around the playing field, bashing and smashing bandits on his way to reclaim his glory and riches lost through poor financial management and bamboozlement. Ingvar, the hero of the story behind Smash’n’Bash employs only two weapons, a hammer or a battering shield, on his quest to seek gold and vengeance in this simplistic but highly entertaining game.

Everything about this title is really simple, as you only have to worry about a couple of things, mainly, what color the enemy you’re about to take on is. Blue indicates you must use a shield, while red implies the usage of your war hammer. Usually, this is a pretty basic switch, where players just need to tap the right side of the screen to make the switch between the two accessories. However, there are times where opposing colored bad guys are in the same spot, which makes it impossible to take one or the other on, unless the player has a death wish or desire to end the run, killing their Norse hero.


Being that Smash’n’Bash is free, there are in-app purchases. However, the developers of this title have not only made this game to the point that the in-app purchases are entirely optional, they’ve also done a great job at not making them so obvious to the player. Gold coins, used to purchase upgrades ranging from more time on the rage meter to more damage on the bad guys, are easily obtained through playing continuously. Similar to games like Quadropus Rampage, the developers of this title have also made the in-app purchases pretty generous, rewarding those who wish to contribute financially (or are very impatient).


While Smash’n’Bash is a lot of fun, it is far from perfect. Besides copying ideas from many other games on the Google Play marketplace, the game can cause frustration for users when trying to proceed from level to level. In order to progress, players need to maintain a certain rage level, which is obtained by defeating enemies. There is no indication just how much rage is needed to go on to the next level and players will be stonewalled until they acquire the invisible plateau, usually through more upgrades or dumb luck.


Smash’n’Bash isn’t going to win any awards for originality, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring or dull. In fact, there’s a lot to be said for a simple end runner full of animated childish violence by the hands of a Viking just trying to earn his bread. Plus, the monetary system in this game is very nice; no in your face ads and no painfully apparent begging for money or paywalls. In fact, the only real annoyance is progressing through levels, which can be passed off as just adding a level of difficulty to this title. Again, this isn’t the perfect game, just a fun one.