iBlast Moki Blasts on to Android; Headline Writers Cringe at “Blast” Pun

iBlast Moki Blasts on to Android; Headline Writers Cringe at “Blast” Pun

Sep 30, 2011

iBlast Moki, the physics puzzler from Godzilab has finally made its way to Android. The game’s goal is to use bombs to blast the adorable Mokis from their starting spots on the level into the goal portal, using and navigating the obstacles to help make this a possibility.

iBlast Moki is a game that’s based on timing; not so much reaction timing as much as it is on planning the timing of bombs in order to get the Mokis to the goal in time. Bombs can be set on a delay, and figuring out when they need to go off is instrumental in beating the game’s later levels. This also means that experimentation is frequently needed in order to succeed, in order to see how a hypothetical approach to a level compares to reality. This game is possibly the closest thing to the scientific method as a gameplay mechanic.

The game comes with 85 levels built-in, and features a level editor for designing and even sharing levels with other players. The game uses the same level editor and sharing tools as the iOS version, so the same levels that users have been uploading from there are available to Android users right away!

Godzilab has decided to release this as a premium app on Android, after releasing StarDunk as a free to play app. The game is available for $2.99 at launch. It is not quite optimized for tablets, but does run on the higher resolution screens fine. As an added bonus, the view in the game is massive on high resolution screens. Hopefully if this game does well, the excellent sequel iBlast Moki 2 will make its way to Android as well. It features many of the same powerful level editing features (in fact all levels in the sequel were made in the game’s level editor), along with new types of bombs to play with. Until then, this still fun and worthy game will make do for Android owners.