Soccer Rally 2 Review

Soccer Rally 2 Review

Apr 24, 2014

Soccer Rally 2 is a simplistically creative game that pulls in some interesting elements to form a surprisingly engaging experience.

What really makes the game tick are the graphics; the game looks clean and realistic, with nice renditions and the smoothest animations one can want. It makes the gameplay believable, and makes one wonder why on earth rally soccer isn’t an Olympic-level sport.

But what is rally soccer (or soccer rally)? Silly rabbit, it’s the perfect amalgam of cars, association football and soft demolition derby. At the core, cars go head-to-head, trying to use the vehicle to move an enormous soccer ball into the opponent’s goal as many times as possible, while guarding one’s own net. Whichever party has the most goals at the end of regulation wins. The “field” is generally a walled off area with two ends designated as goals, and the sr1developer does a good job of varying the environments.

There are two modes, career and local multiplayer; in career, a game starts with some bonus cash, and the game walks one through upgrading, and then on to a ladder knockout challenge. Winning earns cash, and there are bonuses that can be picked up during play; shutouts earn bonuses as well. In practice, it does take a lit bit of practice to get a hold of the accelerator, reverse and steering wheel that make up the virtual controls at the bottom of the playing area.

The game allows for customization, with the ability to use earned game cash to snag vehicle upgrades; this is just as fun, as it allows for creativity and performance tweaks. Additionally, it is possible to procure other types of balls (tennis, basketball etc.) and use them as the game piece. Even stuff like lens dirt and skid marks can be toggled in settings.

As hinted at, in-game cash (for better cars and tweaks) rules this game, because the competition gets bigger and faster mighty quick. The accumulation of such can be expedited with real cash, though it isn’t necessary to enjoy.

I do think the game could use difficulty levels; but the ability to choose balls somewhat makes up for it.

Soccer Rally 2 is one of those games that is a litmus test: normal people will like it. It brings in different elements and makes beautiful warring music with them.