Ignis Castle Adventure Review

Ignis Castle Adventure Review

Mar 28, 2014

In gaming, one incontrovertible fact is that one can’t — or rather shouldn’t be able to — go wrong with a platform runner. I mean, they are simple and straight to the point. Thus, a lot of times, games like Ignis Castle Adventure have the built-in advantage of familiarity.

The playing area is crafted in 2D, with the overall look of an old-age dungeon. The animations are decent enough, with the purposefully monochrome look broken by bright splotches here and there.

In tried and true platformer style, the action moves from left to right; the main foil in this adventure is the set of deadly obstacles that are spread out in the way of our protagonist. The controls pretty much tell all that needs ig1to be known about navigation: one button for leftward movement and another for moving to the right, both of which are nestled at the bottom left of the screen. At the right is a singular jump button. When used in conjunction with each other, simple aerial gliding movements can be performed, and are quite useful.

The gameplay is leveled, and here isn’t any tutorial, but that actually works; the basic key to avoid anything that hints at being dangerous. Jumping lava, stationary spikes, spinning axes, moving stakes… you name it, it’s here and looking to do damage. Making contact with one of these does not necessarily end the run, but sends the player “back” to a preset save point depending on progress. The issue with this is that the runs are timed, so going back too many times causes valuable seconds to drain away.

Success in a level opens up subsequent new ones, and stars are awarded depending on how much time is left on the clock.

The tricks get tougher, as expected; there’s not a whole lot of complexity, but it is tougher to conquer than might be guessed at first glance. Still, it’s a pleasant time waster, and the presence of a free build definitely makes it practically a no-lose situation with regards to trying it out.