Crazy Labyrinth 3D Review

Crazy Labyrinth 3D Review

Apr 18, 2013

I like simple games, and if there is one nice thing that accelerometer-equipped devices have spawned, it is the proliferation of cool labyrinth games like Crazy Labyrinth 3D, that continually seem to push the envelope. Pleasantly.

Crazy Labyrinth 3D is really nice to look at. I loved the graphical three-dimensional representation of the playing area. I could practically smell the wooden surfaces, and liked the glow of the ball and shadows of the barriers. The animations were sharp and responsive; even the slight rebound of the ball looked remarkably real. It looked like the developer spent valuable time and effort on the interface, and I, for one, loved it.

The gameplay was no big mystery. I had to tilt the ball round barriers while avoiding holed traps to get the ball intocrazy1 the jackpot hole. Now, what made the game a real challenge was the placement of the barriers and holes. I wasn’t able to use the rails and barriers as crutch for too long; there were plenty of holes strategically placed to dissuade that strategy. As the game progressed and I got to more intricate boards, I found there were more than one way to get to the jackpot hole. but some were red herring paths. Thoroughways that seemed so inviting were sometimes too tight to squeeze through, and in some cases, I had to reverse and find another way. Thus, there was a degree of strategy involved to finish a challenge as quickly as possible, as the shortest way usually wasn’t the quickest.

Falling into a trap hole immediately caused a restart, and cumulative time was recorded alongside the standing “best” time. The game showed several play levels of different types. There was a funky board with limited lighting, one that had moving pieces, magnets and more. These options gave the game more life than one would expect from just any other maze/labyrinth game.

All in all, it was fun and enjoyable. I thought the menu could be a bit more intuitive, but that quarrelsome point hardly detracts from the potential this game has.