New Game Cubetron Arrives on Google Play Store

New Game Cubetron Arrives on Google Play Store

Jun 10, 2014

Cubetron, a new game from Ilumina Labs, has just arrived on the Play Store. It is Ilumina’s first Android title.

It’s an interesting touch-based arcade game, with subtle use of color that helps the game-play along. Avoiding virtual overheating is the name of the game, with players having to rapidly react to the changing sides of the cube and “fixing” the LEDs on said sides. Gesture movements and tapes are the main means of control.

Leveling up is achieved by tapping quickly enough to deplete the temperature gauge completely; the run ends if the gauge gets filled, indicating overheating.

Speed and dexterity are key, and all together, the game is well implemented.

Cubetron is available for free on the Play Store.