New Networking App Qwikword Looks to Give Instagram a Run for its Money

New Networking App Qwikword Looks to Give Instagram a Run for its Money

May 18, 2015

Qwikword is a image sharing application that allows users to react to and engage with uploaded pictures — via a single word.

People today are overwhelmed by opportunities to connect with the world around them. But what if an app could instantly capture our most engaging expressions through just one word? That’s the power of Qwikword. Through Qwikword, people can upload an image and immediately see the responses in the form of just one word or share their own word on other people’s images. The experience allows people to interact with favorite subjects from art to fashion to food to nature to technology. In a sea of social and mobile offerings, Qwikword gives users a chance to truly express themselves in a quick and meaningful way.

Qwikword is available for free on the Play Store

My KODAK Moments App Gets Update That Brings New Video Feature

My KODAK Moments App Gets Update That Brings New Video Feature

Sep 19, 2014

The My KODAK Moments App recently received an update that brings an interesting new video generation feature.

Now, users can try out the “Tell My Story” feature. This feature allows users of the app to select any three device-hosted images and to cobble them together with voice-overs. Kodak Alaris promises users a more engaging, personalized sharing experience, and it helps that the resultant product can be shared via social networks, text and email.

The new features are in addition to existing, including printing and ordering via device, and the ability to connect to KODAK kiosks via wi-fi.

The app showcases the continued innovation of the reborn company; Kodak Alaris Chief Ralf Gerbershagen talks about what drives the Kodak Alaris. “In a world where we capture more images and share more images than ever before, we’re passionate about helping people capture, keep, share, relive and celebrate their precious moments as easily as possible,” he says. “We’re driven by a simple belief – to help consumers find a better way. It drives us to keep innovating and push the boundaries between the physical (retail space) and digital (mobile/PC) environments.”

The updated My KODAK Moments app is available for free on the Play Store.

[Source: Kodak Press Release] lab Updated With Text Editor lab Updated With Text Editor

Aug 13, 2014 lab a in depth photo editor for Android has recently been updated with the ability to add text to your photos. Lab already boasts a large variety of photo effects and fun ways to play with your happy snaps.

The latest update allows users to add text to their photos in a variety of fonts and styles. This makes the app great for creating greeting cards from your favorite photos and any Instagram style ironic photos.

Check it out today.