Rico – A Tale Of Two Brothers Review

Rico – A Tale Of Two Brothers Review

Apr 8, 2014

Retro platformers are almost never a bad idea, and here, we get to see if Rico – A Tale Of Two Brothers continues the streak.

It is a story ying and yang story about brothers, one of whom is looking to restore the earth’s mystical balance.

The game is cool in the way it pills in several elements and houses it under one bountiful game roof: at its heart, it is a simple run and jump game that incorporates sideways scrolling, platform and even a bit of survival. The artwork brings in some retro sensibilities as well, with the chunky characterizations and stilted movements. It is strictly 2D, and the controls are minimalist in nature, with virtual buttons for moving left or right at the bottom left, and a jump button towards the right.rico1

The gameplay comes in several difficulty modes, with different gameplay attributes: easy, normal, hard and insane. The gameplay is further broken down into leveled words.

Starting out, the gameplay is fairly intuitive. Move, jump over and/or across obstacles and collect the gold coins that are spread out in the play area. To begin, the obstacles are fairly easy to traverse… the occasional gap, water, hilled platforms and such. As it goes on, the dangers get craftier, with laser blasts, dangerous fluids, mines, moving platforms and more that demand timing and accuracy to avoid. Running and jumping give way partially to going about things in a more cautious manner to reach as many checkpoints with as much collectibles as possible. The water can be especially treacherous; staying underwater for too long can be dangerous, but is sometimes necessary to collect gold or get from point A to point B. If the blue oxygen bar gets completely depleted while under water, our character dies.

The controls were a bit wonky for me; still I like that the game has a straightforward purchase model. For those on the fence, the atypical free version is available to assuage concerns about dropping $3.27 on the full version.

For now, the streak seems to be intact.