Temple Run 2 Gets Expansion World via Update

Temple Run 2 Gets Expansion World via Update

Dec 3, 2015

Imangi’s popular endless runner game sequel Temple Run 2 is getting a new world and more via an expansion it just announced.

Dubbed “Frozen Shadows,” the new world brings a wintery feel to the endless runner, with new stunts and other elements which are supposed to add to the overall experience.

Imangi co-founder Keith Shepard mentions future plans. “This is the first in a series of world expansions we have planned for Temple Run 2 over the next year,” he says. “Frozen Shadows gives Temple Run 2 fans an entirely new terrain to explore, and a new twist on the gameplay with the ice luge. It’s basically a completely new Temple Run game in an update.”

We really loved Temple Run 2 when we checked it out a while back on Android Rundown; it continues to get better with interesting character-driven updates. It remains free on Google Play (with in-app purchasing).

A trailer for the new version is below:

Temple Run 2 Adds Bruce Lee as Playable Character

Temple Run 2 Adds Bruce Lee as Playable Character

Feb 12, 2015

Bruce Lee is making another appearance in a mobile game — this time on Temple Run 2, where he is a new playable character.

Announcing a new special guest star – Bruce Lee! That’s right, you can now run as the legendary martial artist as you escape from your favorite Evil Demon Monkey!
You can buy Bruce Lee for a limited time, but hurry, he goes fast!
Also, get ready for Valentine’s Day with a special hat for your characters!
Just find all the Valentine’s Day artifacts to unlock!

Imangi co-founder Keith Shepherd talks about the fit of the new character. “As one of the most talented martial artists of all time, we think that Bruce Lee is a perfect fit for the Temple Run franchise,” he says. “In addition to his speed and agility, we also celebrate his philosophies with words of wisdom when players need it most.”

Bruce Lee, LLC CEO (and the late Bruce Lee’s daughter) Shannon Lee also weighed in. “I’m very excited to have my father become part of the Temple Run family. It’s apropos the character will launch in 2015, which just happens to be his 75th birthday year!” she says. “Not only is this a great and fun way to celebrate my father’s birthday, but I’m grateful that my father’s legacy will continue to live on for fans of all ages via our partnership with Imangi.”

We had an opportunity to review Temple Run 2 a while ago; we look forward to seeing Bruce Lee in the iconic game.

It is available for free (with optional in-app purchases) on Google Play and Amazon Appstore


[Source: Imangi Press Release]

Temple Run: Oz Review

Temple Run: Oz Review

Mar 11, 2013

Sometimes, you just can’t get enough. Thankfully, Disney and Imangi seem to understand that. The successful development house and the transcendent media powerhouse team up yet again to create another gem in the same vein as Temple Run: Brave. Except this one is on a very, very familiar yellow brick road.

You guessed right. Temple Run: Oz hits us straight in the jaw with sunshine roads, lethal fauna and flying monkeys as the meanie monsters. It continues Disney’s strategy of leveraging major motion releases (in this case, Oz the Great and Powerful) with an extremely popular series of mobile games.

Temple Run: Oz retains its endless runner roots from its previous two iterations; I controlled the runner top-down with the use of swipe gestures that will be familiar to Temple Run aficionados: swiping up invoked jumping up, down a low slide; left and right swipes caused a sharp turn in the respective direction. The gameplay started with a quick, hands-dirty tutorial detailing the above. My suited protagonist came running swiftly out of a cave, and a flock of winged monkeys swooped down in hot pursuit. The basic elements were the same: avoid felled trees, boulders and such by jumping. Elevated obstacles had to be slid under, and I had to turn on a dime when the road ended. In addition to those, there was foliage that slowed me down and collapsing roadways to contend with. Thankfully, I could tilt the device to avoid the hazards and/or collect the gold coins that lined the roadway.

In addition, there were prize packs I could jump to collect. Getting slowed down could lead to getting caught by the monkeys, so faltering was something I dearly wanted to avoid.

I really liked the graphics. I think even more time was put into this one. It’s one of those games that need to be seen to be appreciated. From the brick road, to the bridges, to the — sorry to spoil the game here — hot air balloon, everything looked slick. The animations looked great, and worked with the music and overall gameplay. There was in-app purchasing, and coin collection worked well. I liked the objectives table, but also wished the collision animations had been updated.

Oz does the tough job of repackaging the familiar and making it new.

Temple Run: Brave Review

Temple Run: Brave Review

Jul 5, 2012

Temple Run: Brave, the digital love child of Imangi Studios and Disney transports idyllic, 10th century Scotland to the Indiana Jones-like world of Temple Run. Along the way, crazed monkeys are replaced with one seriously upset bear, stone run ways turn into greeny paths, and the player becomes Merida, the main character of Disney’s new production Brave. And there’s even a weapon this time.

This reboot will be something Temple Run veterans will enjoy. As noted, the graphics are different, but the game play and general feel is mostly the same. Mo’rdu the bear wanted to eat me, and I needed to do everything within my power to stop that from happening. I ran, slid, jumped and tilted my way to safety. Or at least I tried to. Ha!

It took me a while to adjust to the landscape. It had the same general feel of the original Temple Run, but the darker colors made the game a bit more challenging, which wasn’t a bad thing. After the basic tutorial, I was able to get right into the business of getting coins, hitting trees with arrows, and not falling to my death.

And of course, coins are the name of the game. Coins get goodies. And if Temple Run immortality is thwarted by random decapitations by tree outgrowths while a bear is snapping at Merida’s bodice, it’s possible to bypass some of the more tedious aspects of stockpiling by procuring coins via convenient in-app purchases. The game will run 99 cents in the Google Play Store, but even for those who balk at that, 2500 coins come as part of the initial purchase price.

The biggest change for the purists will be the incorporation of Merida’s bow and arrow skill from the movie into the game. The arrows came into play periodically, such that as I ran and got a notification, I had to look for bullseye targets on the left or right. Now, in theory, it would not seem to be too hard, but the speed of movement and blending in of the targets made it a challenge.

Finally, I ran the game through the final, most comprehensive test. I had my 6- and 9-year-old kids take it for a spin. They actually refused to give it back, and they loved the “new” user interface. I was a little miffed that my son crushed my score his first time out, but whatever.

My biggest whine was the occasional lag. In any other game, it would probably not be as bothersome, but in a game so dependent on reaction times, it was an issue.

All in all, Temple Run: Brave is able to breathe new life into a popular title without changing too much of the things that made it popular in the first place. It will most likely keep you tied in for a while, and maybe, probably you’ll be more willing to lose yourself in the virtual world known as Brave. I admit… I want to see the movie now.

Temple Run: Brave Set for Release One Week Before the Pixar Movie Brave

Temple Run: Brave Set for Release One Week Before the Pixar Movie Brave

Jun 4, 2012

Fans of Temple Run from Imangi will recognize the mobile game tie-in for the upcoming Pixar movie, Brave. It’s an enhanced version of Temple Run set in the Scottish lands represented in the movie. Instead of playing an Indiana Jones type character, you now play as Merida, the red-haired and firey tempered teenage heorine of the movie.

In addition to the character changes in Temple Run: Brave, you will also find a new gaming mechanic added. Archery has been added to increase the gameplay complexity and provide another way to earn bonuses. In testing it last week, the addition of archery does add complexity to the gameplay yet doesn’t distract from the fun of the original.

Pixar’s Brave hits theaters on June 21st. But you only have to wait a few more days for Temple Run: Brave. It hits Google Play on June 14th.

Temple Run Review

Temple Run Review

Mar 27, 2012

Temple Run on Android is finally here! Yes, after countless fakes, a month delay, and plenty of apps that tried to take advantage of the game’s popularity (on launch day, the actual Temple Run was a couple dozen apps down the list on Google Play when searching for “Temple Run”). Well, Imangi’s smash hit auto-runner is here on Android, and despite a few early technical glitches, it does not disappoint.

The gameplay is the same: try to jump, slide, tilt and turn in time to keep running away from the evil monkeys chasing the ever-running hero down. Of course, along the way there are coins to collect, and powerups to collect coins, become invincible, or boost ahead to pick up as well. Coins can be spent on unlocking new characters, unlocking and upgrading powerups, and buying temporary boosts, including revive wings that will continue a run, but only are active for 30 seconds at a time.

The game was rebuilt in Unity, and the conversion was just about perfect. This looks and feels like Temple Run on iOS. That’s a very good thing, because the game is still a ton of fun. It’s easy to just jump from one session to the next, trying to collect even more coins, and raise that high score even higher. Temple Run does do a great job at being “free to have fun.” Coins are awarded at a regular rate, and it steadily increases over time as the player gets better, so spending coins is a way to get more coins. There’s none of that “second currency” funny business that other games use. This is a great free game.

The game is not really tablet-friendly at this point; on the Motorola Xoom, the game clearly looks like it has scaled-up graphical elements, and the frame rate does stutter a bit. On the Samsung Captivate, the game crashes every few games or so, with some occasional stuttering at times. The game supposedly supports over 700 devices at launch, but it’s still something being smoothed out. There are no online leaderboards at launch, like how the iOS version supported Game Center and showed friends’ scores while running. This is actually a rather notable omission, though Android’s lack of a built-in service make it harder to do. Some of my favorite times on the iOS version were when I was having high score battles with a friend.

Temple Run is popular for a good reason: it’s still extremely addictive and fun to play. There’s still a few things to iron out at launch, but the core game has been represented well. This is a must-have on Android just as it was on iOS.

Temple Run Releasing March 27th

Temple Run Releasing March 27th

Mar 7, 2012

Temple Run finally has an official release date on Android. The incredibly-popular endless runner will be escaping evil monkeys, making quick turns, and jumping over pits on the Android Market starting March 27th. The game is being co-developed with David Whatley of Critical Thought Games and Simutronics. As well, the game is going to be developed in Unity on Android, according to Unity’s head of developer relations, Tracy Erickson.

What this also means is that it’s possible for the game to make its way to other platforms much more easily as well, with Unity being a cross-platform engine; a web version of Temple Run is a definite possibility with Unity. No assets for the game have been released, and likely will be posted on the game’s Facebook page. Until the 27th, all games that claim to be Temple Run should be regarded as the fakes they are. Android Rundown will be reviewing this one as soon as it is available, so stay tuned for more on this iOS smash hit making its way to Android.

Temple Run is Coming to Android in February 2012, Evil Monkeys in Tow

Temple Run is Coming to Android in February 2012, Evil Monkeys in Tow

Jan 13, 2012

Android owners will soon get to run with their iOS counterparts, as Imangi has shown off their first screenshot and confirmed an estimated release date for Temple Run on Android. As posted to their Facebook page, an estimated release of February is scheduled for the free-to-play endless runner. The game has players running out of a temple, being chased by evil monkeys. Players must swipe up and down to jump over and slide under obstacles, tilt left and right to pick up coins, and swipe left and right to take turns. Powerups can be picked up midgame, and can be upgraded with the coins earned from playing.

The game has recently exploded in popularity, having amassed over 10.5 million Game Center players, and is currently the number one free game and top grossing game on iPhone, and the number one game on iPad as well (considering that new downloads only count once for the platform that they’re initially installed on, this makes the feat even more impressive), and most importantly: Justin Bieber is tweeting about the game. He also has a higher score than me. Grr. We’ll have a full rundown of the game as soon as it releases.