Impossible Road Review

Impossible Road Review

Apr 8, 2014

Welcome to the era of the ultra-difficult endless games; Impossible Road is our guide.

The game background is stark, almost clinically pure white, with singular primary swatches used to make the rolling track that makes up the game travelway really pop out. All together the game is aesthetically pleasing, and almost breathtaking from a visual point of view.

The gameplay concept is painfully simple: there is a ball that rolls along the irregular, devilishly twisty ramp. Of course, said ramp had no guard rails to stop an errant ball from flying off into failed nothingness. To prevent the ball from rolling off, here are direction buttons on either side of the screen that “turn” the ball. Keeping the ball on the track is no small feat, and requires lightning quick reflexes and just the right amount of pressure. The runs work like rodeo, except that the torture can last longer than 8 seconds; longevity on the track is the main objective in this game.impfi

Secondarily, for the truly daring, it is possible to purposefully roll off the track and glide the ball to a piece of track below, kind of like jumping off a downward going windy road to skip some parts of it and catching the lower parts of the road. This maneuver is insane, but loads of fun, if a bit hit or miss; if the track is not reacquired quickly enough after a jump, the run ends. Suffice to say I did the jump several times, just not always on purpose.

The game is pretty tough, but this is by design, and it works. The frustration the game builds up adds to its allure, and the sharing functionality allows folks to really go for bragging rights. The laws of physics are generally adhered to as well.

Fun game. Just please, please watch the blood pressure!