Kiloo and Papaya Bring iOS Hit “Frisbee Forever” to Android This Year

Kiloo, long-time handheld gaming and iOS developer, are bringing their iOS chart-topper Frisbee Forever to Android. This game has players piloting a frisbee through obstacle courses full of rings to fly through with stars to collect along the way. There are over 100 levels in the game, with multiple new frisbees to unlock along the way.

Kiloo is partnering with social gaming service Papaya to bring Frisbee Forever to Android. Papaya claims a user base of over 18 million people, and Frisbee Forever will utilize Papaya’s socialization features. While the feature list is not complete for Frisbee Forever’s Papaya implementation, it is known the service does offer news feeds, leaderboards, achievements, and custom avatars. The iOS version was freemium with in-app purchases for star coins that go toward extras and upgrades; the Android version will use Papaya’s in-game currency, called papayas appropriately enough. Papayas can be purchased via Android Market billing, PayPal, credit card, and direct carrier billing. According to PapayaMobile CEO Si Shen, “Papaya is very excited to begin this new partnership with Kiloo, working together closely to integrate Kiloo’s games into our social network. The goal of the partnership is to both increase the user base and revenue of Kiloo’s games and continue to establish Kiloo as a leader in mobile game development.”

Frisbee Forever will launch later this year on Android – the iOS version was universal, and it is claimed that the game will launch for both Android phones and tablets. As well, Kiloo will be partnering with Papaya to bring their other games to Android in the coming months. Whac-a-Mole and Zenses Rainforest are already available on the Android Market, so some of Kiloo’s other titles and possibly future ones could make the jump. Says Jacob Moller, CEO of Kiloo, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with PapayaMobile. I believe that PapayaMobile offers a comprehensive set of tools, the best user experience, and the broadest range of monetization opportunities in the market today. Papaya also possesses a social network that drives deep social engagement and monetization.” Stay tuned for more details closer to the game’s release.