Chillingo Releases New Game Incredible Jack

Chillingo Releases New Game Incredible Jack

Aug 14, 2014

Prolific Android game publisher Chillingo is back with yet another new title; this one is called Incredible Jack.

In this platformer, Jack (a “timbergrote”) is our mythical protagonist, and looks to be reunited with his loved ones and defeat the enemy and seven bosses.

Per the press release:

Reunite Jack with his loved ones in this classic platformer. Follow a trail of shiny golden coins through treetops, leap across overflowing lavapits, and bounce on anything in your way. With all sorts of dangers and surprises waiting for him across 37 levels, Jack’s journey will see him live up to his incredible title.

The trailer (posted below) hints at a delightfully atypical platform game that incorporated different scenery and plt tools. The graphics look robust, and one gets the feeling that the obstacles are a bit “smarter” than average.

Incredible Jack is currently available on the Play Store for $0.99 (with additional option in-app purchases).