Razor Salvation THD Review

Razor Salvation THD Review

Oct 22, 2012

Ever wonder what it would like to be one of the last people on earth fighting to save humanity? Well, here is the game to help figure it out. Razor Salvation is a shooter game that’s a little different than most. Sure the theme of the game is kind of similar to others, but the game itself is pretty darn awesome. Several different stages of the infection are shown. The uninfected have yellow hazmat suits on and are pretty easy to spot. Oh, and did I mention the game is a first person shooter from the gun turret on the ship?

Aiming takes a minute to get the hang of. The controls for the guns two fold. The movement to aim is one finger on the screen. Firing the weapon is a separate button on the left side of the screen near the bottom. To change the weapon, a button is in the bottom right corner of the screen. I wish the left to fight movement was a little faster or an alternate method for swinging 180 degrees was available. It can take several swipes of the finger to turn around and be able to fend off the attackers.

A few of the weapons have unlimited ammo; the minigun and the auto cannon. The minigun takes several hits to kill one of the grunts. A grunt is the first type of enemy alien to appear in the game. Using the auto cannon is a bit better, but reload between shots takes a little longer so better aim is required.

Instead of dying the ship evacuates the earth. When the ship takes off, the time spent trying to help and evacuate the uninfected humans is evaluated. Each level has certain requirements for the level to be considered finished. When the ship evacuates the earth is the point where the cash earned can be used for upgrades to the weapons. The upgrades are ammo, holding more ammo, faster reload times and so on.