Ingress Gets Tweaks via Update

Ingress Gets Tweaks via Update

Oct 14, 2016

Before Pokemon GO — yes, time existed before that runaway hit — there was an augmented reality thriller called Ingress, made by the same studio, no less… and it continues to see updates.

The current build (per Google Play) adds permission for raw GPS access; it also allows players to access Ingress Investigation from the community tab.

The full changelog can be seen on Google Play.

We did enjoy this game immensely when it first arrived a few rains ago, and have kept an eye on its improvements and enhancements.

Ingress remains free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play.

Ingress Gets a Quick Update

Ingress Gets a Quick Update

May 5, 2016

Ingress is getting a touch-up.


Client Release Notes
Join the investigation to uncover the truth behind the portals at
Checkout upcoming Ingress events at
* Based on player feedback, the location of Lawson powercubes has been reordered
* Bug fixes

Ingress remains free on Google Play.

Ingress Gets In-App Store via Update

Ingress Gets In-App Store via Update

Nov 3, 2015

Ingress is allowing folks to get involved with real money now.


What’s New in Version 1.86.0
Please check out our Q4 anomaly event series, #Abaddon, at
NEW FEATURE : Storefront
Strategic Explorations (SE), a black-lab research and intelligence group associated with Hulong Transglobal, has injected a new ‘Storefront’ into the Ingress Scanner. Intel suggests that this ‘Storefront’ will soon roll out to all Agent Scanners.
Scanner’s resume experience is now more stable. Capsule handling also improved.

The current build is rolling out gradually; it’s free to play on Google Play.

Ingress Gets Updated on Google Play

Ingress Gets Updated on Google Play

Sep 28, 2015

The preeminent augmented reality game on Android, Ingress, is getting an update now via Google Play.

Per its Google Play page, the new build includes:


Version 1.83.1
And we’re back!
– Sorting for loading and unloading capsules!
– Fixes for Dynamic Compass mode
– Fix Portal scan on resume
Don’t miss the Abaddon anomaly series coming to cities around the world.

We had an opportunity to formally check it out way back when, and truly like it; the game remains free on the Play Store.

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets Android Wear Support

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets Android Wear Support

Jul 15, 2015

Tag this one with “juicy” please…

Ingress, Google’s hit augmented reality MMO by way of Niantic Labs, is getting an update which makes it even more relevant and that much more mobile: Android Wear support.

This is via an update which is rolling out now.

This update ostensibly gives agents on each side of the aisle the ability to hack and such right from their wrists with compatible smartwatches. One will still need an Android device, but with this new build, it doesn’t need to come out of the pocket to get stuff going.

On paper, it makes the game a bit more fluid for folks with Android Wear gear. At the very least, it gives addicts yet another reason to invest in Android Wear.

Ingress remains free on the Play Store; below is an image from the Ingress Google+ feed, showing the Android Wear iteration on a Moto360.


[Our Ingress Review]

Ingress Gets Quick Update

Ingress Gets Quick Update

Apr 9, 2015

Ingress continues to get refined, and is getting another update.

The new update brings a Community Resource Tab and bug fixes.

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Google Play]

Japanese Localization and More Come to Ingress via Update

Japanese Localization and More Come to Ingress via Update

Mar 25, 2015

Google’s popular cross-platform augmented reality caper Ingress is getting an update.

Per the Google Play page, this update brings Japanese localization, adds in the ability to share missions and also squashes some bugs.

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

Ingress Gets Update

Ingress Gets Update

Dec 5, 2014

Ingress, Google/Niantic’s augmented reality thriller, continues the drive to get better with its latest update, which adds the ability to pause missions.

Misions is a new feature that was recently added.

The new build also brings bug fixes.

Ingress remains a trailblazer in its genre, bringing new features and interesting tweaks to its outstanding gameplay just over two years into its life. In that time, it has gone cross-platform and increased play area significantly. In many ways, it has far transcended a “simple capture the flag” adventure.

We had the opportunity to look at Ingress shortly after it launched, and loved it; it remains free on the Play Store.

Ingress Gets Update, Adds New Missions Feature

Ingress Gets Update, Adds New Missions Feature

Sep 25, 2014

Google/Niantic Labs’ augmented reality title Ingress is getting a new update with an interesting new feature called “Missions.”

Missions look to encourage players to visit portals and completing specific actions, like hacking or capturing, and may then ask the player to use clues to solve a puzzle required to move on to the next step of the mission. The new missions can be accessed via a new Missions tab in the Ops section.

In a move that simply makes sense, the developers have also further merged functionality sets of Ingress Missions and its other app Field Trip. Using the this dataset allows for the potential to direct Missions players to Field Trip locations.

Additionally, to start, a select number of users will have the ability to create their own Missions and share with players. The plan is to eventually open up the feature to players level 5 and above.

We had an opportunity to review Ingress and observe how that app has grown since it was unveiled. It has received a steady batch of upgrades, including being opened to players using iOS devices.

Ingress remains free on the Play Store; the new update is rolling out currently. The new feature is restricted to Android users for the time being.

[Source: Ingress Google+ Page]

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Augmented Reality Game Ingress Gets New How-To Video

Sep 19, 2014

Ingress has a way inserting itself into conversation.

I was at an informal reunion of my wife’s class, held at a restaurant last winter. As the evening wore on, I happened to over hear one of my wife’s old classmates talking about “hacking” with his wife.

Boom. I lost track of time. We talked about strategies, local hotspots, the challenges of playing as a couple and making friends with the “enemy.”

Some of the others at the table were curious about what elicited such engaged conversation. As anyone that plays Ingress can tell you though, you almost have to play it to get it. Google’s Niantic Labs’ augmented reality thriller is especially interesting, but also quite hard to explain. Thus, we probably sounded like a few techno geeks on a smartphone high.

We probably didn’t do a good job of recruiting, but I blame the developer.

Thankfully, Niantic Labs has released a new video that helps in situations like this. This new video does a great job at discussing gameplay basics:

Ingress remains free on the Play Store.

[Source: Androidcentral]

Google and Niantic Labs’ Ingress: How is the Augmented Reality Game Continuing to Evolve as it Enters Year Two?

Google and Niantic Labs’ Ingress: How is the Augmented Reality Game Continuing to Evolve as it Enters Year Two?

Apr 7, 2014

We were all mostly wowed by Google/Niantic’s Ingress. At the time, it was arguably the best mobile augmented reality experience. Ever.

Without any improvements, well into its second year, it would still be the best game adventure of its type. Thankfully, Niantic has not rested on its laurels, and has continued to add a bunch of improvements and refinements that improve the gameplay and logic.

At the root, Ingress is still a pick-a-side battle that involves factions of players either accepting otherworldly intelligence, or working to thwart it.

Since we last looked at Ingress, big changes have occurred, especially in the area of portal mods. The pieced here have grown significantly past just shields. Heat sinks, link amplifiers and multi-hacks help with offensive output, while tweaks like force amplifiers and turrets can be formidable tools that prevent successful attacks.


Adjustments to the logic with regards to greater XM usage also called for other unique hacking rewards like power cubes. Power cubes act like portable XM banks that can be accessed when a player is low, as long as he/she has a cube of the appropriate level. Two other powerful, interesting tools are somewhat faction-specific; ADA Refractors allow portals to be flipped from green to blue, and a Jarvis Virus does the reverse. Both can be used to do things like break links and otherwise cause mayhem.

The UI has been improved as well. The Android phone-based app itself — scanner, in Ingress parlance — has received plenty of usability updates, adding in more information and making it a more graphically pleasing. In real life, Naintic has done an excellent job of driving meetups and real-life faction events in different cities. The backstory tie-ins are a stroke of genius too.

All in all, Ingress remains the penultimate mobile game. Amid rumors of iOS expansion, we say go all out: WP8 and BB10 too? We can’t wait to see what else Ingress comes up with.

Return to Ingress: How Is Google and Niantic Labs’ Mobile ARG Continuing to Evolve?

Return to Ingress: How Is Google and Niantic Labs’ Mobile ARG Continuing to Evolve?

Jun 21, 2013

The furor surrounding the unveiling of Google’s augmented reality thriller Ingress might have calmed down a little. It’s a bit easier to get in to play and more players are topping out.

Sill, the folks at Niantic Labs seemingly remain hard at work on it, and the improvements to the overall gameplay and app reflect this.

New elements and tweaks to the existing gameplay are being introduced; in recent weeks, subtle changes to things like XM consumption and new items help to make the game become even more challenging and enjoyable.

For one, destroying enemy portals needs to be better planned now, as firing bursters on enemy portals costs a bit more in XM. To counter this, a new item, Power Cubes, have been introduced. They are kind of synonymous with portable XM juice packs.

In my area, which wasn’t necessarily bereft of interactive portals, there has been a tangible increase in the number ingress1of portals. It’s no coincidence that the updated process to submit locations for consideration as portals as been greatly simplified.

The tweak I like best is one I have wanted to see for a very long time: push notifications. The former method of notifying involved emails, and was not reliable or time-sensitive. The current method, which involves a unique Ingress icon, is far more effective and more, well, Android-like. The Comm center was also adjusted to allow for that allow for “@mention” notifications.

There are a whole lot more invites to dole out, but I’d like to see a better process for high level players. If my area is an indication, a lot of Lvl 8s quit playing out of boredom. There has been rumors of advanced levels and even a special faction for high-level players forever, but I wonder if a bigger mentoring role can be created to increase their importance to the game.

Still, when it’s all said and done, Ingress is still the big man on a block not too many blokes dare to hang out.