Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 4 Gets Updated Release Date

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 4 Gets Updated Release Date

Sep 13, 2016

Inkle’s upcoming Steve Jackson gamebook title Sorcery! 4 — the fourth iteration in the series — has a new release date: September 22nd.

From the press kit:

Spanning four interconnected games, players weave their own unique tale of adventure, daring, luck and cunning from a million words of dynamic content and tens of thousands of decisions.

Each part can be played separately, or strung together, with consequences of decisions that span the whole series.

IGN called the game “a prime example of what can happen when traditional storytelling gets along with contemporary game design.”

To get folks in on the new one, inkle is dropping prices on the original three titles, as somewhat of a mea culpa for the delay. Yep, Sorcery!, Sorcery! 2 and Sorcery! 3 are all on sale at $0.99 each, down from the regular price of $4.99.

Get the goodness quickly; the sale is slated to end the same day the new game drops: September 22nd. In the meantime, join us in enjoying the banner graphics and trailer below:


[via Sorcery! Press Kit]

Hit Game 80 Days Getting Updated Content Soon

Hit Game 80 Days Getting Updated Content Soon

Sep 12, 2015

We had a blast formally checking out inkle’s steampunk-themed, classically-inspired adventure 80 Days, and are particularly happy to hear that it will be getting new content quite soon?

So what’s on deck? Per the presser:


– 30 new cities, filling in North America, South America and Canada
– New adventures and secrets:
— to the Moon!
— a floating First Nations village
— play poker with a billionaire
— discover Atlantis

– And more: soar with the Levitating Atheists of Meteora Valley, explore the Pitcairn Island, discover Port Moresby, go over Niagara Falls, rekindle an icy romance, be deputy to a Sheriff of the Old West, and abandon Fogg for love
– Major new world-spanning storyline: join forces with the Black Rose, Europe’s most notorious jewel thief, to discover the Artificer’s greatest secret

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for the latest version, as it is due out on October 1st. In the mean time, feast your eyes on the new screenshots below:

[Our 80 Days Review]

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3 Gets Release Date and Trailer

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3 Gets Release Date and Trailer

Apr 9, 2015

Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! 3 is almost here, and to celebrate its upcoming release, we have a trailer to show.

Spun off from the Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! gamebooks of the 1980s, Sorcery! 3 is a narrative game with a massively branching, choice-driven storyline. With the city of Kharé at your back and the sacred Crown of Kings driving you forward, this penultimate chapter provides the most challenge yet as you attempt to cross the cruel, cursed wasteland of Kakhabad.

With rations dwindling and seven deadly serpents stalking you around the desert, only the most resourceful adventurers will survive. And with no set path to follow and time rippling like a flag on the wind, this adventure could lead you in circles or a thousand years into the past.

The game is the third part of the series; the original two are available on the Play Store.

The game is due out on Google Play on April 23rd, 2015, and will cost $4.99.

80 Days Review

80 Days Review

Dec 23, 2014

Yes, there was a time handheld entertainment wasn’t a “thing.”

Back in those days, we didn’t have these handy gizmos that do so much. You wanna know what we did back in those prehistoric times? Well, we availed ourselves of decidedly non-electronic entertainment. Libraries were my favorite haunt; I loved the classics, and especially loved adventure careers like Jules Verne’s Around The World in 80 Days.

That well-loved tale is craftily re-imagined in Inkle’s new game 80 Days, which takes old and mishmashes it with new and then blends that union into the artistically futuristic.

The player takes on the persona of Phileas Fogg’s new valet Passepartout, who, at his employer’s bidding, has to accompany him on an epic journey across the globe. The beginning does sound sedate enough, but it quickly gets moving shortly after the credits quit rolling… right from the opening dialogue which gives us an inkling of what is to come.


The game uses cutscenes and dialogue to move the gameplay along. The artwork is bright and intriguing, with some interesting steampunk inventions making appearances every so often. The dialogue, as hinted at earlier, frames a “choose your own adventure” type of experience, as different paths are taken depending on the option selected; there are numerous points where one must select an option from a series of choices to proceed. The developer does an admirable job of making the adjustable narrative engaging, with clock speedups and such used to streamline the gameplay.

The commerce system is interesting, involving procuring useful tools, dealing with the banks and stuff like that. I felt that while this element does help tie the game overall, it does feel a bit contrived in segments.

All in all, if one is wont to give props to a developer for bringing a classic tale to handheld gameplay — and yes, one should — it is easy to use this game as a template. It plays easily, incorporates several elements and sucks one into unpredictable gameplay. I love the upfront pricing too, and feel fairly confident in saying its worth the gamble.

80 Days Launches on Google Play

80 Days Launches on Google Play

Dec 15, 2014

We’ve been keeping an eye on 80 Days, a fun, graphical treat set in Choose Your Own Adventure style, and we can say, with joy, that it is now available on Google Play.

The game comes from cross-platform development house Inkle, the crew behind Android games Sorcery! and Sorcery! 2.

Since we spoke about it last, we have been giving it a run via the review copy the developer provided us, and without giving away too much, we can say it is well worth a look. It takes cues from the Jules verne book, and adds some interesting steampunk elements to the traveling adventure.

The game costs $5; for folks who like upfront pricing, this will be welcome.

Keep an eye out for Android Rundown’s review, which will be going live soon.

Hit Game 80 Days Due Out on Android This Month

Hit Game 80 Days Due Out on Android This Month

Dec 4, 2014

80 Days, the mobile title named by Time as Game of the Year, is coming to Android this month.

Set in an alternate-history version of Jules Verne’s Victorian era, 80 Days sends players on a real-time race around an ever changing, often surprising steampunk world. Playing as Phileas Fogg’s French valet Passepartout, you must use strategy and cunning to help your employer win a hefty bet. Choose your route, manage your finances, and lose yourself in an epic, branching adventure as you attempt to circumnavigate the globe in only 80 days — or faster! Stylishly illustrated with art deco-inspired graphics and situated on a lush 3D globe, the game plays out beneath a non-stop clock, the sun rising and setting as you explore cities, visit markets, talk to people, tend to Fogg’s well-being, and execute each stage of your epic journey.

Spinning off from Verne’s 1873 novel Around the World in 80 Days, writer Meg Jayanth has crafted a huge, dynamic world out of branching stories that have outcomes determined by the player’s decisions. Just in time for the holidays, the new arctic expedition offers the globe-trotting Fogg and Passepartout an enticing shortcut through the North Pole — but the unforgiving landscape makes for a treacherous course, and players will find that certain choices result in 80 Days’ most unexpected consequences yet.

According to the press release, Android users can begin to partake of the goodness on December 16th. If we are to extrapolate from an inactive place holder on the 80 Days site, we can expect an Amazon Appstore release as well.


Sorcery! Review

Sorcery! Review

Mar 17, 2014

Sorcery! is an unabashedly classic homage to game books and D&D where story is king and vanqushing great evil is par for the course, Does it capture the magic?

Sorcery! is an RPG but it lacks any true free roaming, Instead it has a fantastic story, many branching paths and a huge selection of magic and ways to handle a situation. Venturing out to recover a sacred artifact of great power from the clutches of evil, the player runs into many varied situations from mysterious old ladies in cottages to capture by headhunters.

Screenshot_2014-03-15-04-34-44There are many ways to handle each, whenever through a strong sword arm or some smart use of magic. For example, a minor quest is digging a large cesspit in return for money. Rather than spending the whole night doing it, the player can simply cast the BIG spell which boosts their muscle size and get it done in a few minutes. Using spells of control on dumb enemies can do such varied tasks as avoid a fight or create a living ladder made out of snakes to escape a pit.

Combat is fun and intuitive as well. Countering the opponent’s moves generally lets the player strike them without being attacked. For example a reckless charge attack interrupts the lightest one, while middling attacks tend to stop heavy ones. A well written, detailed description describes what happens in the battle and often contains subtle hints as to what the enemy might be doing next. The super visceral description of the combat really makes it satisfying.

Screenshot_2014-03-15-04-32-43And indeed the writing in general is of a very high standard. Anyone who is a fan of the Fighting Fantasy books will feel right at home with Livingstone’s writing and will relish every amusing description or grisly fate dealt to them.

Sorcery!’s presentation echoes the books as well. With a handrawn, lightly coloured style and black and white illustrations it feels almost exactly like you’re playing an interactive gamebook. Battles likewise are very simple affairs, as sprites slide towards each other to deliver their attacks but it works very well in the context of gamebooks.

The sound is quite minimalist. A few sounds like footsteps and birdsong accentuate the solitude of traveling alone on the quest and some snatches of music help the game along.

The only downside of the game is its length; it only takes two or three hours to work your way through the game and while there is plenty of replay value up for grabs by going back and doing things a different way, it’s hard not to wish the game was a bit longer, such is the quality of the story and the fun of its choose your own adventure gameplay/ Part 2 should be arriving soon and this will hopefully be a bit longer.

Sorcery! is a very high quality game with a great plot, an excellent old school feel and captivating gameplay. If you’re a fan of Fighting Fantasy it’s a no brainier.