Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Review

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 Review

Nov 22, 2016

Got a hero complex? Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 is here.

Chunky graphics hold sway, but don’t affect the smooth animations. The attention to detail is impressive, and it frames the gameplay to come quite well.

The on-hands tutorial does a good job of presenting the game and simultaneously allowing players to get their toes wet. It starts off with our friendly neighborhood chopper, and learning to get it off the ground. The player also learns how to land — safely, by the way — and the basics of balance and flying.

After this set, the tutorial hints at the type of missions, and allows one to take part passively. rescue, drop-offs and even firefights; as one goes on through this short sequence, one learns how to use the simple directional system, and to understand the color-coding and other subtle gameplay elements.

The actual action emanates from this simple premise. It’s leveled, and every “mission” is preceded by a small informational that details the goals. Then, it’s time to do it, and do it well; rewards for proficiency include gold game coins, plus a star-based ratings system. Mission times apply, so finger dexterity and timing are pluses.


As one goes on successfully, more levels and goodies are unlocked. Better choppers can be unlocked at particular levels, or one can look to expedite the procurement of upgraded flying equipment. The same goes for weaponry and the like. It’s also possible to purchase boosts at the beginning of a mission, so gold coins do have their purposes.

The management piece helps keep the game interesting. It’s not all about just upgrading and moving on, because there are some junctures that one might look to pick the best tool for the upcoming job, versus simply going for, say, the biggest guns.

It comes together quite well, and works through the different elements found therein.

Froggy Jump Leapfrogs On To Android

Froggy Jump Leapfrogs On To Android

May 5, 2011

Invictus Games’ iOS endless jumper game Froggy Jump has been released for Android. In this game, the player controls a frog that jumps upward and onward , slipping the surly bonds of earth and flying into space, by way of conveniently placed platforms. The game is similar to its iOS counterpart, featuring identical gameplay, and crossplatform leaderboards via OpenFeint. As well, there’s a daily word game that can earn players gems that are used to unlock new content by collecting letters strewn throughout the game’s levels. The game is freemium, where gems can be bought to purchase in-game items. These are not purchased through Android Market’s built-in in-app purchases, but through direct to carrier billing through a service called Zong. However, the game lets you unlock a theme called Infernal for free by reaching a height of 50,000. Players who reach the incredible heights of the alien planets will have them named after them by Invictus in the next update of the game. Invictus warns that “extreme addiction is inevitable!” – the game is available for free for users who wish to risk Invictus’ warning. Check out a trailer below, and click this link to download the game.