KickStarter Spotlight: Jackery Air

KickStarter Spotlight: Jackery Air

Jun 12, 2013

With the freedom of portability comes the inherent restriction of batteries. The high-performance battery may be the single most important invention in the past decade or so, but with ever increasing demand they still only last around 8-10 hours for the average user. Some days that time gets cut dramatically due to maybe some turn-by-turn help to a restaurant or a video and photo session with some friends. Whatever the reason, battery life is fleeting and only gets worse with age and use.

Coming to our rescue is San Fransisco based development team Jackery; which has created a mobile batter that is equal parts small, powerful, and, dare I say, sexy. Maybe it is the molded aluminum casing or the super thin profile, but the Jackery Air, as it is called, is definitely not an eyesore. It basically looks like an orange, all-aluminum iPhone 5 with a convenient indicator light in the bottom corner.

The mobile battery scene has exploded in recent years, and with good reason. Our increasing dependence on mobile technology and refusal to accept compromised battery performance has led to a demand for these portable power stations. I completely understand this sentiment, the Jackery Air is perfect for those busy days where I know that I will be going out later, and already have used my phone a lot during the day. Just throw the tiny battery into a briefcase or book bag and enjoy the peace of mind.

There are two tiers of battery available: a 2800mAh version can can fully charge an iPhone twice, and a 5000mAh upgrade that will perform the same job thrice. The first model is available for a $49 donation which, personally, is a steal. Even at full price, $69, the Jackery Air is a quality product that is also a great value. The 5000mAh version will retail for just $20 more at $89, and both models are available with a dual-USB 2.0 car charger for just $10 more. So, for those who find this project interesting, give it a look and consider helping out these deserving developers.