Escape From Alcatraz Review

Escape From Alcatraz Review

Jul 24, 2013

Escape From Alcatraz as a retro-looking jailbreak puzzler that is quite interesting. I mean, the very name Alcatraz invokes thoughts of the strong arm of the unforgiving law.

I admit, I’m a sucker for arcade-type 8-bit gtaphics. This game got me. Minimal coloration meets old’school animations. It’s effective, and for folks like me, attractive too. It feels a bit like Rogue.

The gameplay is in parts interesting, in parts infuriating. Controlling our freedom-craving jailbird using a simple, 4-way virtual d-pad, the simple goal is to roam around, collect items and effect the escape. It is fairly simple gameplay, that is fairly forgiving of basic bungling around. Interactions are a big part of the game; nearby objects can be collected to be used.escape1

For example, using a sheet to procure a dropped bunch of keys gets the caper underway. Going “up” and “down” from cell to cell (and then to and from rooms) allows for the collections of more materials, and the interaction with other persons. Objects and tools can’t just be collected wantonly; there is a limit to how many items can be stored in inventory. Thus, there are times when an object might be collected to fill up the inventory, and then one that is more immediately useful is encountered; it can be good strategy to ditch the temporarily unneeded gear for a later time. I liked such subtle, logical elements that fit into the gameplay. The gameplay is all about solving mini-puzzles and situational riddles to get the jigsaw of escape complete.

The game is not so easy as just wondering around, solving puzzles and escaping, though. There are things to be avoided. Like guards… of course. Running into a guard is game death, euphemistically known as being returned to the cell. Going down the wrong path and falling, for instance, or using overly loud equipment bring about the same dismal result.

On the other hand, while I think the simplicity is mostly charming, I think the combination process is a bit clunky by way of too many button presses. The bumbler in me would have also appreciated some save points; all or nothing is part of the challenge.

Escape from Alcatraz is a pleasant time waster that is surprisingly hard to put down. No matter what anyone says, escaping from that prison is/was always fascinating. This game lets us keep on pretending we can.

Friday Free Game Rundown September 21st

Friday Free Game Rundown September 21st

Sep 21, 2012

Being in jail wouldn’t be fun. All of the TV shows who glamorize being in jail, don’t talk about all of the bad stuff that happens that would make a person want to escape. Since we aren’t recommending anyone purposely go to jail simply to try and escape, here are a few games to simulate the experience and much much more fun way.

Jail Escape

Jail Escape is a 2D scrolling game with pretty simple controls. The goal of the game is to escape jail. The reason for the escape is actually a good one. The character’s wife is being held by the Mafia and he needs to escape jail to free her. By skulking through the sewers in secret rooms to avoid the guards, the faster the escaping happens the better.

Download Jail Escape

old offender | Escape from jail

Old Offender is actually a pretty difficult game. The game starts in a jail cell. while there, the search starts for items within the cell that can aid an escape. for people who enjoy the games where there’s a lot of thought involved this would be a good one. Each stage builds on the last. All of them involve searching for items in different options for escape. Much like it would be if one were to really escape from jail. Be crafty and think like a criminal.

Download old offender|Escape from jail

Prison Ball

Prison Ball is a brick breaker style games. Goals to break down all of the walls to break out of prison. There are 140 different levels to try and beat. Gaining power-ups will help break down the walls more efficiently. Much like in a real jailbreak, time is an enemy. Use a fingertip to toss the ball at the walls.

Download Prison Ball

Jumping Jax’s Jail Break

Jumping Jax’s Jail Break his jumper game where the only real control is to tilt the screen to control which way Jax jumps. The coast isn’t clear for Jax’s jail break attempt. There are angry birds and killercopters trying to thwart his escape. The plot has Jax taking on God and even the Devil. That must be some crazy jail, I can see why he wants to escape.

Download Jumping Jax’s Jail Break

Stckman Prison Escape

Stckman Prison Escape is a funny little game in where the main characters a stick figure dressed in jail. His buddies sent him a cake with a bunch of stuff hidden in. Using trial and error on the different items, one of them will surely help the stick figure prisoner escape. The game isn’t very long, but it has some pretty good cut scenes showing what happens when different items in the cake are used.

Download Stckman Prison Escape