Adventure Time Sky Safari To Be Released This Winter

Adventure Time Sky Safari To Be Released This Winter

Nov 14, 2013

Adventure Time 1

Well rock my socks and call me momma, there’s a new Adventure Time game on the horizon. This time, Finn and Jake are teaming up with another game, particularly Ski Safari, and dominate ice slopes in an endless race against the evil-but-misunderstood Ice King. The game is set for release in this winter.

Jumping Finn Turbo Review

Jumping Finn Turbo Review

Apr 10, 2013

Adventure Time is probably the most whimsical animated production I have ever had the pleasure of watching. It is an interesting excursion into the mind of a creative maverick. Thus, I admit to being more than just a little curious about Jumping Finn Turbo from Cartoon Network.

The game had the usual suspects in the usual roles: the consistently-victimized Princess Bubblegum, the dastardly kidnapper Ice King, And the weird siblings, Jake and bag-carrying protagonist Finn. It also had a few minor characters in other support roles.

At it’s heart, Jumping Finn Turbo is a side scrolling jumping game. To get the Princess back, I had to travel long distances, avoid pitfalls and gravity and use a slew of power-ups to stay airborne for as long as possible.

Starting out, I had to get Finn flying. There was no huge catapult or jetpack; no sir… I had to get him flying by kicking the heck out of his butt with Jake’s willing foot. To maximize force, I had to time the kick-invoking tap withjumping1 an oscillating power meter; to get the hardest kick, I needed to tap it at an instant when it was maxed out to the right. The resultant kick arced me high into the air, and this is when the fight for airborne longevity started. Early on, gravity was the enemy. Soon, I also had to be on the lookout for penguins who were trying to freeze me.

I thought the best part of the game was the power-ups/helper system. These ones ran the gamut: strength of kick, comets, birds and more. They were upgradeable with game coin and helped extend my time in the air. The butt kick replenished itself, and I had one Jake bounce. Each run ended when I hit the ground.

I thought that the controls could have been a bit more refined; without spoiling too much of the game, I thought defensive taps sometimes interfered with other controls, but then again, it did add to the challenge. Also, I just felt that, well, more could have happened with the gameplay.

Still, I thought it was a cool game with a cool tie-in that can make time disappear.