Retro Racing Review

Retro Racing Review

Nov 29, 2012

Retro Racing is top-down 2D racing at its finest. Created by Jamie Woodhouse, who worked on Psygnosis’ Nitro and ATR for the Amiga, this is a new game in the style of those. Players race against up to 7 other cars, and along the way improve their vehicle mid-race with power-up icons. They can improve top speed, tire grip, acceleration, and provide a nitro boost. These are key to success, as the other cars are fighting for these powerups too. As well, some alternate paths may slow down the player, but may provide valuable upgrades.

The Android release is freemium, with the first two tracks and three cars available for free, and IAP used to unlock the rest of the game and the last three cars, which all have better starting stats. However, these only make a slight difference in gameplay, considering that powerups make a huge difference; after all, when 5 or 6 speedups are being collected, having one or two at the beginning won’t help too much. However, these cars definitely are a great way to get a head start on the opposition. Those with multiple devices should note that the game will sync the unlock of IAP across devices, which is extremely handy. The game plays extremely well on the Nexus 7 especially.

My complaint with Retro Racing is the visual style is somewhat monotonous; the 12 tracks tend to blend together. As well, the game uses the same tracks from the original iOS release – I’d love to see some new courses to play on!

Really, Retro Racing is a jolly affair: it takes a basic premise of top-down racing, and executes it extremely well. Fans of retro gaming are definitely encouraged to check this one out: it’s got plenty to offer in terms of nostalgic fun, while remaining balanced for the 21st century.