Theme Thursday: Android Version Live Wallpapers

Theme Thursday: Android Version Live Wallpapers

Aug 9, 2012

Note: Regular Theme Thursday columnist Joseph Bertolini is away this week, so editor Carter Dotson is stepping in.

This week on Theme Thursday, it’s all about rocking some wallpapers that are appropriate for that Android device’s OS. I don’t mean in terms of figurative compatibility, but literally. These are live wallpapers that celebrate our various different Android versions!

First up for us lucky folks already on Jelly Bean, is a live wallpaper from the ancient masters of the jelly bean, Jelly Belly. They have released a live wallpaper called Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar that turns any phone or tablet background into a jar of jelly beans. Tap on an empty space on the screen to spawn a random jelly bean, then tilt the device to watch them fly around. Gravity can be configured as well!

There are over 50 different jelly beans from the Jelly Belly flavor lineup as well, because what’s a Jelly Belly app without jelly bean flavors like chili mango, pomegranate cosmo, and Dr. Pepper?

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Jar is a great fit for any device on Jelly Bean, like the Nexus 7. However, it supports 2.1 and higher, so even those stuck on earlier Android versions can feel the Jelly Bean love, staring wistfully at an Android upgrade that unfortunately may never come.

For those a version back on Ice Cream Sandwich, or those that are thinking that while things may be smoother on Jelly Bean, ICS’s logo was the bomb dot com, then there’s a live wallpaper celebrating that robotic dessert. Ice Cream Sandwich 3D Free puts a spinning 3D ICS logo as the wallpaper. As pages of the launcher are swiped through, the delicious-looking Bug Droid (the name of the Android logo guy) spins around. When the tablet is idle, he rotates around slowly. This works not just on Jelly Bean, but also on earlier versions, because ICS is still not on all the Android phones and tablets!

For all those poor souls still stuck on even earlier Android versions, then may I suggest this generic Bug Droid live wallpaper? Use it as a reminder of how cool Android is, even if that manufacturer and carrier won’t push out that update!