Jelly Jumpers Review

Jelly Jumpers Review

Dec 4, 2012

Every time I have an opportunity to review a title, I take stock of the title. Most of the time, the game gives me an idea of what I’ll find.

Jelly Jumpers from Chillingo had me stumped.

I found it to be a colorful feast for the eyes that incorporated timing and quick reactions as the biggest skills for success. It consisted of a smiley jelly blob, and I had to use my aforementioned skills to get it as high as possible, using spinning discs as leverage to get to the next disc, and so on. On the way, there are gold coins to collect, tasked thresholds to reach and point levels to attain.

The game started with my jumper affixing to the lowest spinning wheel. There was a line of balls in roughly a vertical line upwards, all spinning at different speeds and either of the two directions. I had to tap the screen when the supposed path of the jelly blob was aligned with the spinning circumference of the wheel above. Easier said than done, because depending on the speed of the consecutive discs, being a split-second off could cause a mini-disaster. Randomly placed gold coins upped the ante; contact banked them for me. Even more valuable crystals were available to be collected. Of course, falling ended the game.

Now, I soon figured out that if I missed launching the blob into the next circle accurately, all was not necessarily lost; if I hit the wall to the left or right and tapped the screen with a measure of speed, I could get back to a ball. In fact, with the positioning of the gold in particular, this attribute became part of the strategy. I could then jump towards the hard-to-get clusters of treats, and jump back to the rotators.

While attached to any one disc, there was a tally of bankable points I could snag if I tapped quickly enough to get to the next disc. In my unofficial testing, I had about one rotation to get off or lose the points. Additionally, there were bonuses for streaks without using the walls, and I could level up based on running point tally.

In-app purchasing (using coins or crystals or real cash) and Facebook connectivity fleshed out some of the cooler features.

All in all, it was a fun game that creates an infectious chase for high scores.