Riptide Review

Riptide Review

Oct 4, 2012

Warning: Riptide induces adrenaline. Ask a doctor before engaging.

I am not exaggerating. It packs in jet skis, water, superb graphics and realistic physics with good old-fashioned arcade racing and comes out with an exciting, white-knuckled game that makes me struggle to remember that I am not physically spraying white foam in my wake.

I thought the developer put in a good amount of time into gameplay. I mean, how many ways can one cut a racing game? Well, Vector started by giving me three game modes: Championship, Race and Hot Play. I found that Hot Play was perfect for training runs, as I raced against myself. It gave me an opportunity to check my lap times and to see which jet skis handled the best. The Race mode gave me the opportunity to race against the virtual foes. I found the controls easy, as motion input translated to movement in the game.

With multiple machines and scenes to unlock, there was plenty of stuff to explore, and a continual excuse to race more. With OpenFeint compatibility, achievements can be shared online for bragging rights, and this is a feature I really, really liked. Different machines had different capabilities and ratings; some accelerated better, while some had better handling and/or speed. I found it to be a reassuring touch of reality.

Nestled in the Help & Options area were the Settings and How To Play teasers. The former allowed me to adjust graphics, audio and control sensitivity. The latter gave me tips with regards to how to control my machine, access boosts and stunts.

To make Riptide even more attractive, Vector Unit had the foresight to make it compatible with game controllers. Thus, I could enhance my experience with my DLNA- enabled device and literally go big.

All in all, I found Riptide an exciting foray into a familiar genre. For a racing game that is a cut above the norm, I suggest giving it a spin.