Retro Dreamer Finds Unexpected Success With Joke App Happy Poo

Retro Dreamer Finds Unexpected Success With Joke App Happy Poo

Apr 9, 2012

So, remember Happy Poo, that game from Retro Dreamer that was created as a response to the frustrations of Android? Well, life has a funny way of working. See, as it turns out, Android users didn’t really catch the joke. Android users really loved Happy Poo. It has over 10,000 downloads on Google Play. On the Amazon Appstore, it got all the way up to #3 on the free charts. As Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer notes, it sadly didn’t reach number two. But thanks to these downloads and the ads in the game, a crazy fact has emerged from the development of Happy Poo.

They’ve made a profit off of this joke app. A modest one, but one that they’ve taken and spent on more Happy Poo apps. Based on developer friends enjoying the game and competing to see who could polish their smiling little turds the fastest, there’s now Happy Poo for 2 where players race to polish the quickest on one device. Think this isn’t enough of a game? Then try the endless jumper Happy Poo Jump. Don’t find cartoon poo all that enticing? Then perhaps Wash The Dishes is more your speed. It’s all silliness, and so far download counts haven’t shown that they’ll hit a kind of critical mass the way that the original Happy Poo did, but considering that they didn’t have any promotion at all, it’s still silly to think – they’ve at least broken even on the games.

Of course, that’s more than they can say about Android as a whole. Especially when a passive-aggressive joke game is outselling the Android version of their biggest hit, Sneezies.

So, the plan for Retro Dreamer is to just focus on iOS development from here on out. They’ve had their ‘fun’ with the Android platform. They’ve been frustrated with their performance, they’ve gotten to make their jokes – literally – and the Android market fell for it hook, line, and stinker.

But here’s how crazy Android has gotten – a developer is retreating to the safer waters of the iOS App Store after Android proved to be too crazy.

Maybe the whole mobile market’s just gone to [censored].

EDIT: Gavin Bowman of Retro Dreamer has posted in our comments clearing up a few points from this article, check it out below.