JoyJoy Review

JoyJoy Review

May 15, 2014

Radiangames is back again, this time with a fun shooting game JoyJoy.

With regards to gameplay, JoyJoy incorporates dual-stick shooter methodology, allowing devices to feel like handheld game pads in the way the thumbs (presumably) have to be used. The big virtual buttons are for movement and dedicated shooting, and there are other special buttons present, but the aforementioned big ones are the main controls. The controls are somewhat faint, but quite responsive. The game also boasts Bluetooth control support.

The developer really wants one to play; I mean, how else does one explain the breadth of choice? The gameplay is broken down into Waves an Challenges, and then there are quite a few difficulty levels to choose from that line up with the players temperament and/or ability. Controlling the main unit is easily framed within the play. The joy1playing area is a a smaller rectangle within the bigger rectangle of the screen; within this rectangle, enemy crafts emanate from nothingness. The main premise is to avoid the bad guys, get power-ups and blast the enemy to smithereens.

Navigating the swarms is half the battle, and it’s a fun half. The game engine sends waves of enemy craft that follow the player incessantly, looking to inflict lethal damage. With auto-shooting functionality, it’s possible to concentrate on moving while the game engine allows for the home unit to blast the opposing forces. The power-ups definitely make it feel more arcade-y, with things like special shooting arrays, shields and health packs up for grabs before they disappear.

The game has a simple feel, but does not completely ignore colors; the scenery does change periodically, and the subtle touch works. the animations are pretty smooth, and the game comes together quite well.

It’s decently priced, easy to get lost in and packs a lot of levels.